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  • By Scorpio 22
    All depends what you enjoy and are looking for. If you enjoy people blatantly performing for the cameras like this lot do, then you will love VHTV. Average Camgirls that are just laughable. Not forgetting loads of sleeping. lol  My opinion neither are in the best of states. 
  • By TenXRing
    Thanks for posting this. Who are these two? I only know about the folks on RLC. I've heard about VHTV but never checked in to joining it. How would you say that it compares to RLC?  
  • By tech6624
    a couple more from today
  • By dougiestyle4u
    Good for you. More members should do the same as soon as possible to show their dissatisfaction in how RLC runs their business and disregards individuals safety. Some perverts love seeing women taken advantage of or abused. NOT ME. I am someone who loves just looking at women and enjoying their subtle movements and how they live their daily life. If they show some skin or nudity it is big time bonus. Sexy outfits are quite the tease. RLC has dropped all this and turned to porn, drugs and alcohol
  • By TigetJackson
    You hit the nail on the head.  Just pulled the trigger and cancelled my membership.  Can't put cash towards an organization that makes this type of behavior a business model.  
  • By dougiestyle4u
    I think more members have to speak up, cancel their subscription (complaining to RLC directly does zero good) and perhaps Discussed.cc should show some balls and put RLC discussion in the Chat Room and the Forums on pause or under self-isolation - no comments about RLC whatsoever until RLC makes huge improvements to their site. RLC owners are scum - plain and simple - but they know that some perverts love drug and alcohol abusers, women beaters, rapists and women that will pretty much doing anyt
  • By TigetJackson
    I obviously have not been around long enough to know the history of these ladies, but what was viewed last night, was nothing short of rape.  I do not care if they were paid, friends, johns or whatever the hell these guys were or we may believe it adds up to, the bottom line is these women were raped.  Just look at 4 Aug 2020 @18:51:22 Cam 2-2 when Diane's guy walks into the big bedroom where they were previously in the big tub, Olya realizes she is trapped but trys her best to get away.  He the

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