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    • 2 perccel ezelőtt Apre mondta:

      Szia StnCld316!
      Spanyolországban is csak három hónapot lehetnek. Marat miért nem ment el Ulyanával? 

      Remélem válaszolni fogsz.

      Szia. Apre


    • 2020. 02. 01. 22: 30-kor a StnCld316 azt mondta:

      Hi StnCld316!
      What do you think about yesterday's darkened action? What kind of punishment do you think they get? Why not put an infrared LED camera in the rooms? Then you wouldn't be able to do that. I was very annoyed that I didn't see anything.
      I hope you'll answer. Hi. Apre


    • I'm surprised the chat wasn't renamed to Barcelona Chat because that is what is discussed 99.9% of the time. Ah well whatever. 

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