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  2. Oh, you so funny. It is called free speech and free viewing. Save your breath and use it on your chatter buddies because they come up with all the shit talk about all your precious youngens. If you don't like to read things in the forums then just - "MOVE ALONG". Don't see you bitchin' to the chatters when they badmouth your girlies and make up all kinds of crap about how the girls spend their day and night. Discussed.cc is pretty quiet but at least my posting in the forum got you to bite (participate) but I cut the line since I am a catch and release kind of guy.
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  4. Hey doggiestyle4u; if you are so sorry for those folks, feel all the women are druggies, whores and alcoholics then why do you even waste your time coming on to this site and posting? Also, if you do not subscribe on what basis do you know (not suspect) that anyone on the site IS a druggie or alcoholic? Stop being so sanctimonious.
  5. Wonder if the paid subscribers/chatters are happy knowing that directly or indirectly most of the female tenants are being druggies, whores and alcoholics on their dime. Some chatters even suspect Leora and Malia are drug users. Surprised that the chatters put up with guys staying and making themselves at home in the Barca apartments compliments of their paid subscriptions. These studs or fuck buddies must be laughing at the free room and board and all you can eat and drink (plus pussy, tits, ass and pussy juice) or visiting rights with the young girls to fuck in front of the subscribers (I su
  6. Don't like Nelly's shaved side of head. With the one side having long hair she looks female. The shaved side looks like she is a male and she actually looks pretty similar to Bogdan - not good at all. Like some chatters have commented in the Chat Room - I agree, she does look pretty rough in the morning. Still think Martina is the only good looking girl.
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  8. From watching Reallifecam around 2015 you seen girls come and go, some was shy like amy. But now look at her joining in these lesbain shows , thank you Reallifecam for turning these girls in to some thing they are not. Only real lesbains i seen so far are n & K Taylor and piper. Just my opinion.
  9. Although the cams in this apartment "SUCKS" for me, I still take time to try and capture Kira who seems to hate the cams. Kira is sexy, and I still want more from this lady!!! Please Kira "give me a night of true masturbation....I am waiting".....I guess hell well freeze over first. LOL
  10. Same daily bullshit where most doesn't really care's!!! Try and take a risk and join in if you dare!!!...but if you do "dare not call any of those hoes whores, then you well be ignored the rest of your visit!! LOL
  11. This is my story - time to complain again for the thousand and one time - lol. Sure VHTV offers up way more than RLC and you get to see plenty of naked girls and guys and orgies galore but one word can describe the site - " RIDICULOUS". How do you even follow these apartments with all the comings and goings of tenants but all the fuckfests between apartments. Both VHTV and RLC have absolutely no resemblance to voyeurism - so fucking sad. And what is up with all the skinny, titless, small ass girls. Yeah, I look at some of the apartments for "something" that might excite me like a big meat
  12. "We're getting the band back together!" 😎😎
  13. Gretta watches Ganzel play with his balls.
  14. Apartment Topic for Monica. Note: We don't allow Camarads Uploads to Public Boards on Discussed.cc
  15. Dam!! Irma still around??....hell her presents are older then the water in the pool at the GP apartment.
  16. 2/2 The following evening,the fun carried on. The shorts come off,George's face! 😅 Ary looks great btw! I bet you can get his attention. Very nice. Not sure this will go anywhere,but a man can dream.
  17. A two parter. 1/2 Last night friends visited again,they drank a lot & played games. Guest girl is miming something,wank?cum? ejaculation? squirt? Nice. Ary getting touchy/feely? They eventually settled down for the night.
  18. Nice shag-fest this evening. Or the English teachers continuing education. Athena & Apollo & Felix. Watched by Allison & Roger? Maren teaches Apollo. Apollo & Maren. No idea why Allison was supervising,didn't help when she & Roger stood in front of the cams! Dammit! Karel joins in. Karel & Athena, Apollo smashing Maren. Allison & Roger. Joined by Athena & Apollo Meanwhile in the lounge.
  19. Topic for Dane & Ambar. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
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