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  2. Well well, a massage AND a shared bath in the same night! Looks like someone is looking for extra cash to take home with them! Or maybe Leora is feeling the heat from the younger competition on the site. Either way......
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  4. I know you asked this question earlier in the Chat Room...Sorry again!!! I thought that someone on first shift in the Chat Room would have given you that information by now!!!!...maybe second shift well have one...."I wouldn't bet on it though...they don't tend to come into the forum....visible anyway!!! LOL ...I am 100% sure they know the answer though...those guys know everything about these ladies!! LOL
  5. I know i have asked this quetson a few times but i actually have a subscrition now (i need somthing to get me though this lockdown) which girls fart then most on RLC so i and evorybody els wiht a fart fetish know which ones to keep an eye on Thanks
  6. I wouldn't look for any new changes, because its not going to happen and the system knows it too. As long as there's a bad virus in the Chat Room things are going to stay the same. Re-naming the Chat didn't really didn't do nothing but cause more verbal fights. The forum was fold so now you can only see one Post at a time for each apartment, they replaced everything with a bunch of crap that members don't even use or go into half the time. They took time to change the name of the Chat Room but left the shit stain!!!!....and if your not apart of that stain your not getting in anyway!!!!! The top dogs knew what they where doing!!! It's suppose to be and open Chat Room, but they didn't tell you, all our comments well be screened first and checked for approval, there making sure they have the same crew monitoring the Chat on all three shifts at all times of the day and night, so you do know that its controlled.....fucked up but its true. I say.."you can keep me out of the Chat, but I well still give my weekly thoughts of not just RLC, but the Chat Room too!!!"
  7. The only visitor that went to their old apartment was indeed Malia, she would visit every once in a while and sleep in the guest room. There was NEVER any massages, shared baths etc that you now see. And Malia doesn't seem interested in anything sexual at all (Which is her own prerogative). That's why many of us are very dubious to why this has happened only in the last few weeks, even in the early part of her stay, Malia didn't do anything like this, which can only lead to her being persuaded into doing it. By who, well.....Who knows? And just in case you aren't aware, Paul and Leora are still together - He has been to visit not long ago and she talks to him every day via phone/skype.
  8. Oh if only they would!! Sadly though, one of the most staged, fake group of tenants rlc have ever put together now have a captive audience - Just what the bosses wanted.
  9. For me, when I glance at the chat room comments - it does absolutely nothing for me. When I quickly peek into some of the RLC apartments it tells me - "nothing to see here, move on". So much better stuff on the internet. The way the chat room is and how bad RLC has become allowed me to open my eyes to a wider range of women, teases and voyeur type sites/videos. I'm good.
  10. Time for them to leave😄😄😄😄😄😄😄
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  12. Since I’m late to the RLC party I wasn’t aware of the situation of Leora and Malia being best friends. The last time I remember seeing Leora was when she was living in another apartment with her boyfriend Paul. Once they left I became bored with the site and left for quite a while. Then a few months ago I checked it out again to see if it had become any better. I was intrigued by the fact that Leora was living with another girl, not realizing they’ve been real life best friends when I signed up for a monthly subscription. Needless to say, knowing now that they are best friends leads me to believe that there’s a near zero chance of anything sexual happening between the two of them. Another sign that this will not lead to sex is because Leora will only masterbate alone and with her bedroom door closed. Seeing both of them naked resting in her bed and arching their asses up in the air shaking them back and forth for logical no reason reconfirms she is just performing for the cam, which is a major disappointment. Over the next month I need to make a decision to maintain or cancel my RLC membership which will be determined based on which direction their relationship takes. is that when Leora
  13. Sorry but I well restrict myself from the first part of you comment and move on by saying "Yes the forum is fine, and does have a lot of sense of humor with those that does participate, and the forum has lost a lot of members. Seems when some of us do want to say something in the Chat our comments aren't welcomed half the time or just ignored because 1, we didn't take time to know these girls personal lives, 2. we didn't take time to keep up with their every move, and 3. we didn't become obsessed with these girls and fall in love with them.....with that said some of those so called chatters and under cover agents don't want to hear anything negative about those girls....the barc-girls anyway. Sad but true. I dropped my Membership with RLC and join VHTV.....I really didn't need RLC when I can sign on into the Chat and read the hour to hour comments from the on call mediator, and I take advantage of the free windows of some of these apartments. Why waste money when you can read and use the ones who know every dam thing that goes on!!!! I am enjoying the VHTV site now, I am a voyeur, I more less like everyone else joined to watch, creep and wait...lol...I don't want to know about none of these peoples out door personal life's, and right now that's what's fucking up the Chat Room, "what time they'er coming in, what time there leaving, what clubs their visiting, hourly alerts!!!...all in all..Who Cares.. I do see how many members are signed on daily, but you have to ask yourself, how many are really going into the Chat Room???...always the same crew with the eight ball calling the shots!!! Most know members that's been around has known Rubberman since 2015 and he has always spoke his mind, and for others too, yes I have been banned for a few months for using to much profanity and took my pill swallowed it and learned my lesson..lol...now they curse like fucking sailors in here and get away with it, I didn't join to be a salesman nor an ass kisser and I am not good at being a follower. RLC is really not a bad site, but the second part of it fucks things up when you want to express your self...."it use to be a fun place to visit when it wasn't controlled and know one can tell me its not."
  14. Perhaps they can be known as 'Wilson, Keppel and Betty' - They too had the same stage act every night for decades!!
  15. Yaaa....I guess your right I shouldn't have called them the Three stooges!!!! more like "Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Syphilis" and like always...their party's always end with the three mating drunks passed out under each other until the next one starts. LOL
  16. Pretty sure Dougie was referring to RLC, not the forum, but about that, i long dispensed of the chat room, and the same talk over and over. I think the forum is fine, we can all give our opinions freely - and do so, it's just the chat room that lets it down. JMO. As for RLC itself, when 19 of the top 25 replays are already of the same bullshit fake show, you know it's beyond help!
  17. The site really isn't fucked up!!!! its the hidden under cover salesmen that's trying to run the site like a fucking control prison camp that's fucked up!!!! Members are paying to be real and freely speak about what they see, and if it isn't what these under covers dicks want to read they simply delete you comments. No its not the site is the fucking hidden 24 hour watch dog and they know who the fuck they are.
  18. Hey RLC, did I ever tell you that your site sucks. Oh yeah, probably over a thousand times over the last 2 or 3 years. So, here is another reminder - " RLC, YOUR SITE SUCKS!!!"
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  20. At least The Three Stooges were intentionally funny, but these three puppets think they are fooling everyone, and don't know we are laughing AT them!! What's hilarious is how pathetic they all are!! The entire set up there stinks.
  21. Well it looks like another night of drunker and drunker and drunk as hell are at it again!!!! LOL These three are very entertaining once drunk, almost as good as the Three stooges..."but I won't give the stooges a bad name either." LOL Tonight they look like three Roasted drunk Chickens trying to be sexy!!!! LOL
  22. Seems like the cams are really screwing up in some of the apartments...especially the vip ones "B1, B2 and the GP"..lol...and most of the members in the chat room are really getting upset with it, and using all of this bad cursing langue!!!!!...lol.."why is it a big problem and that needs to be fixed right away....but not a problem when other members make comments in the chat room that are deleted right once posted?"...when well someone fix that problem?????
  23. maybe in the begin are fake, and then they start to like it.
  24. Just what the site needs, more fake bisexuals.
  25. Oh look, the booze is out and the lingerie is on - Looks like another night of total planned bullshit everyone!! God they're boring. The company has them wrapped around their fingers and are too dumb to know. And i'm sure Viola's boyfriend is absolutely delighted with what she's doing on cam!
  26. Maybe now that they are isoleted, start a new relationship. It call 'friend with benefits'. The same happen with Masha, one day she came bysexual. Wait and see.
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