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  2. Milena seems to be lost, she can't seem to find her way to stay at the GP apartment, she seems to want to be or act like the girls mother or auntie, in some cases grand mother. I really don't understand why RLC would bring her into the project, surly the girls really don't need a female madam or pimp following their every move. If anyone would need any type of direction it would be Gina, she seem to be confused have the time, or is she just hook on her so call boyfriends drugs? I think that Milena needs to sniff her way back to the GP apartment and try to work with some one her age like Diane.
  3. It's been a really strange day. First, I found a hat full of money. Then I was chased by an angry man with a guitar!
  4. Helluva Friday night,and I'm not talking of riots. Alex & Chad call in to see Alisa & BF,a same room session kicks off. Alex & Chad then go to Serg & Mel's and have fun in the company of Sonia & Karim.It ended up with Sonia using a dildo on Alex. Whist everyone else took videos of the action & mostly getting in the way of the cams.😡 At Marcy's there is girl on girl action with Funny.George was in attendance who watched the girls play,jerked himself & came over Funny's back. Meanwhile with George out of the way Sina entertained her new guy. Loki & Lydia had a couple of friends to play,they all ended up in a pile with everyone taking turns at everyone else,even a bit of dp action. Two new apartments opened,Marcus & Val,friends of Ian & Deborah,tame by comparison opening night sex. Then there is Mila & Ragnar,friends of Stiffy,Sabrina & Scott.The evening was looking interesting with the girls getting into each other until Ragnar got a phone call which looked to be bad news.He seemed very upset.🙁 Hugo & Bev had a couple over,girls got into each other before the couples went to separate rooms. Jasper & Maddie had a male friend over for threesome fun & dp. And rlc think they can compete with this?......Nah.
  5. Most definitely, bless her. Maybe she's discovered she likes showing off to the camera, a bit of 'Leora rubbing off on her' so to speak.😏
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  7. Where ever Leora is, "Malia seems to be doing a good job of holding down the fort tonight.
  8. She probably would bring in more viewers too..lol "Diane and Milean 10 years from not at the GP apartment." LOL
  9. Mario is quite the nose picker - FFS!!! Suggest he trim his nose hairs for starters since it could be a contributor. I might discriminate but I am okay watching women pick their nose (find it kinda cute)- lol. Seems like Denise has a nice little body on her. For her small size she does have some rather nice big boobies and big areolas and big thighs. Surprised that they were watching an American news/documentary on TV that was in English.
  10. What do you mean by that? She's been openly talking to Malia about him, When she went out the other night at 12am she clearly said to Malia that she was going out to get screwed, I don't go on chat, just post on here every now and then when something is going on in Leoras/Malias apartment as I watch them for a good few hours a night, Leora on and off for a good five years. Where do you think she is now? it's 1am there and Malia is alone in the apartment. It's not Paul either as she said 'goodnight' to him on the phone the other day and was on the phone straight after talking about which day she was gonna meet up with this other dude, she's 100% screwing somebody outside the apartment, if by some strange circumstance it is Paul then my bad but I'm pretty sure it isn't and I know for a fact it's not speculation.
  11. Hmmm Looks like the chat box's "speculation = reality" has moved into the forums.
  12. Apartment Topic for Denise & Mario. Note: We don't allow Camarads Uploads to Public Boards on Discussed.cc
  13. Topic for Val & Marcus. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  14. Topic for Mia & Ragnar. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  15. Sign her up for an Apartment at RLC. This Granny has Spunk! 🤑
  16. Poor Malia, moves to Prague to keep her best friend company and ends up stuck in on her own while her best friend is out screwing some dude, If she's not out screwing him she's glued to her phone texting him, I really can't see Malia putting up with it for much longer especially as Leora is going more frequently, soon we will have another mostly empty apartment.
  17. Yesterday's chat was quite interesting. Shortly after I first joined Discussed, I criticised Dutchy because I felt his dislike of Rose got too personal and repetitive. My opinion! I had previously had some contact with him on chat and, as I have said in previous posts, he was always welcoming. While I don't always agree with him, I think the recent criticism of him is unjust. Yes, he seems to dominate chat but, is that his fault? He is an active participant. Is that bad? He's a member, not a moderator so he has no power to control chat! If more people participated, then he wouldn't be so conspicuous. I'm not the chatty type but I do follow it and I have never seen him being anything other than welcoming to people who join the chat? While he may seem as a know it all, the fact is, he knows a lot! I get the impression he watches RLC more than anyone? Agree with him, or not, I don't think Dutchy has any ill intentions. For those of us who have been members for years, we know chat is a bit of fun and a lot of bullshit and speculation. For me, it's a source of info to tell me what I've missed. When I get back from work, I go onto chat rather than replay. Chat tells me what to watch and what is a waste of time. The source if that info, usually Dutchy. Chat has always been a place people are free to voice their opinions. Agree, disagree, who cares? I don't care how long you've been been a member; we all pay our dues and, as such, we have the right to express our opinions, whether that be in chat or on the forum. Last night we saw a member being singled out, I think that was unfair, especially given it came from someone who has never participated before in either chat or the forum:
  18. Looks like one of RLC's helpers is back to direct another show for the B3 crew, be nice if they would start bringing in new tenants for a change instead of using the same ones over and over again!! Nelly and Bogdan was a flap doing their say at the B3 apartment.
  19. This couple have been on before. Had a foursome with Anna and Alex in 2017.
  20. threw and through are not the same word. So, everything we see is "real"?
  21. Looks like Gina's house boy has gone again, I am sure he well be back again to un-load his balls again soon. After going threw other women threw out the GP and now Gina, I am sure he well strike again with others. One thing for sure, she didn't lean anything from his actions with her so call friend...."maybe she well go over to the B2 apartment and give her a hug for screwing man seeing she is so forgiving now!!!
  22. So, denigrating and shaming others is "part of this section"? To what point? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Is it likely to change anyone's behavior? I'm confused.
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