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Incoming Mini-rant. Although it would be nice to know what other folks think about this, or I might be having an existential crisis. I will take some more meds.

Not quite sure if VHtv is going in the right direction.
Out of the 38 apartments available there are only about 12 that I am interested in,and a few of them are only a passing interest.
I have been really disappointed with the recent apartments that have opened up.
Everyone has their own favourites they like and others that they don't like,that's fine. But without naming names or resorting to using derogatory language that may be misunderstood as misogyny.
There are several of the women tenants & friends/guests thereof, that I find unattractive, & wouldn't want touch them with a barge-pole no matter how drunk.
Yet these people/workers have been chosen to entertain us & get us to part with our money?

We know that VHtv have these grand plans to take over the world.
That the cam-girls/porn production types will move away, good. Maybe the lesbians will go as well,which I think is a mistake.
However,if they think that they are going to take on existing cam sites like Chaturbate or MFC and all the others, they are deluded.Whoever came up with that business plan is an idiot.
These are the days of direct media,all a girl needs is snapchat + cash app and they can start making a living today. Thus totally cutting out the middle-man, and that is before you factor in sites like Only Fans etc.

The sad thing for me is the VHtv core product is going downhill fast.VHtv used to be very good at customer service,they would listen to suggestions/concerns etc.But it seems that VHtv have stopped listening to their customers,just like rlc did.They seem to have missed the comments that the subscribers don't want cam-girls littering the site.
Also there is way too much deadwood on the site that should have been pruned a long time ago. For me there are quite a few of the new ones,and all of the returnee's that can go now.

It's almost becoming a mantra,and maybe we need to start spamming VHtv's twitter account with the phrase.
"Quality not Quantity!"




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Carrying on the Guitar thang Plank, your last line reminds me of this conversation between Mick Fleetwood and his band leader over an audition -

"I don't think he's that good. He's only playing 2 or 3 notes a break"

"Yeah, but listen to how he plays them - Less Is More"


That Guitarist was PETER GREEN:o

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Helluva Friday night,and I'm not talking of riots.
Alex & Chad call in to see Alisa & BF,a same room session kicks off.
Alex & Chad then go to Serg & Mel's and have fun in the company of Sonia & Karim.It ended up with Sonia using a dildo on Alex. Whist everyone else took videos of the action & mostly getting in the way of the cams.😡
At Marcy's there is girl on girl action with Funny.George was in attendance who watched the girls play,jerked himself & came over Funny's back.
Meanwhile with George out of the way Sina entertained her new guy.
Loki & Lydia had a couple of friends to play,they all ended up in a pile with everyone taking turns at everyone else,even a bit of dp action.
Two new apartments opened,Marcus & Val,friends of Ian & Deborah,tame by comparison opening night sex.
Then there is Mila & Ragnar,friends of Stiffy,Sabrina & Scott.The evening was looking interesting with the girls getting into each other until Ragnar got a phone call which looked to be bad news.He seemed very upset.🙁
Hugo & Bev had a couple over,girls got into each other before the couples went to separate rooms.
Jasper & Maddie had a male friend over for threesome fun & dp.
And rlc think they can compete with this?......Nah.

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