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I sort of feel guilty posting this as there seems to be so much negativity on this site at the moment,but here goes.

I haven't posted for a while,which is unusual for me.Why?
Simple really,there has been nothing worth posting about.
Exceptions are maybe Alisa & friends, sort of 'orgy', and last nights Bev & Flexi-friend.
Other than that it's been pretty crap.
And my current scorecard reads; 8/33 !

16 of the 33 can go right now, and I would not give one flying fuck.
Maybe it's time to name & shame?...I can feel a rant coming on. 🤬


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It's a numbers game mate.
rlc = 11 online apartments. VHtv = 32 with some to return,how many & who is debatable.
I have always been critical of the VHtv's quantity over quality approach,and for me the quality is lacking at the moment.
There are quite a few apartments that I have no interest in at all.
Might be a nice idea to be able to switch off apartments from the menu & preview panes that you don't like,but that's not going to happen.
But their argument will be that there is something for everyone's tastes.


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After my "VHtv = 32 with some to return,how many & who is debatable", comment above it got me thinking,who would I have return and who wouldn't.
These are my opinions & I know everyone has their favourites,but lets not get into a fist fight eh?
Candy Red & Jack White.No,they have been pretty boring at best.
Lilka & Jakar. I would keep her & get rid of him.
Elza, Calipso.More cam-shows,why? Looked to me as though Elza had given up even trying.   
Amelie.Hell No!
Vita & Tom. Using this platform to promote their career in porn.Sexy girl but No
Sina & Jules .Probably not,seemed to have run their course.
Melissa & Sergio .Supporter and big critic. I've given them the benefit of the doubt so many times,there are those that won't.
I am still pissed off by the way they have treated various people who have propped up their apartment & viewing figures.
Alexandra & Chad. Alex is fun at parties but they have probably run their course.
Aurora & Philip. They were getting interesting,they deserve another go.
Melanie & Albert. Not sure but their guest Bethany,yes please,but that would mean more cam-shows?
Ilka & Sam.Hmmm? I liked them but,not sure they would have many viewers if Ilka didn't drop her guard a bit.
Kira & Emily. No Kira is a nasty so & so, I wouldn't trust her to boil me an egg.
Ada & Alan. The nostalgic part of me says yes,but the realist says Alan is a shit & has had his time.He also has to man-up and cut Nina's apron strings. Ada,yes.
Lexa & Waverley. Who ? and No.
Grace & Jacob. Maybe, things were just getting interesting with them and Sarita & Cohen when the apartment went down.Always liked Grace,but we don't need a repeat of the all day tease shows with friends.

PS, Really tempted to rip into the current apartments. 🤬

Update, Candy Red & Jack White & Elza, Calipso are back online.

Update 2,Lydia & Loki. Have departed VHtv, that is a massive loss! 🤬

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Apart from Jennifer & Bradley, Gretta & Ganzel, Ruth & Marry only because of seeing Marry's mum once in a while, and Marry is ok at times. The rest can do one. And even the ones mentioned are on my last nerve. The amount of bullshit and over performing is unbelievable. 

No interest in any of the apartments that are supposedly returning, especially Melissa & Sergio. As a couple they are just as boring as anyone else, complete users and only reason anyone watches is because they recruit others to do their dirty work. Give them a month on their own and see how entertaining they are. 

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Marry's mum,thanks Scorpio,I thought it was just me! 😋

Fuck it al I threatened it so here goes,not sure I'm going to be a member for much longer unless things improve.
The worst set of apartments in the history of VHtv.
Lily & Sirius,hope they are moving to an apartment with better sound insulation.
Allison & Roger,have been very disappointing in their apartment,yet were screwing at every turn while they were at Mira & Henry's? How many times have we seen that?
Maren & Karel visit,Maren brings the sexy underwear with her,they get dressed up & nothing happens at all?
So clearly a staged event to get the viewers attention and that is all. That is called, taking the fucking piss & everyone knows it!
Beatrice & Mateo,sexy woman,nice couple,early days.
Gretta & Ganzel,have been a good addition,top shaggers.
Mulan, Lukas,can't be bothered to work out the dynamic in this apartment,cam angles are shit.no thanks.
Charly, Dora, Alikusya,not my scene,no thanks.
Sicilia, Britney, Paige,this has been better than I expected.
Stifler,oh how the mighty have fallen,& Katrin's presence isn't helping.
Masha & Lex, Sandra & Dima,the girls are cute,the cam-shows are standard with fake dp's thrown in. No thanks
Jessie & Tomy. Raul & Julya's latest stable addition. Same ole cam shows,blocked views for VHtv viewers. Nope.
Val. Cute,some sexy friends.Marcus wasn't gonna hang around when she was shagging the weird haired guitarist dude on the side,also Ian getting overly touchy feely.
Mia & Ragnar,cam-shows by Mia & big Rag likes to farm her out to his mates to screw? Sleazy at best,sweaty at worst.
Jennifer & Bradley,great couple but the focus is on Kylie at the moment. A bit of focus on the cams & lighting would be good.
I see new friends have been camping in the lounge this week,doesn't seem to be any indication for them to become 'involved'.
Sofi, Ellie, Kirill,grade A porn cam shows,that is all.
Deborah & Ian. I wonder how long before Ian & Val get together & Deborah gets her heart broken?
Milly,same Milly just in a better apartment.
Abby, Dayana,Abby has been doing some solo cam stuff,shades dude is still around,and  Dayana is the tall dark haired one who vanished,she has returned,but doesn't do much.
Elza,sexy woman but....why!?!? ffs!
Maddie & Jasper,not sure if they have got anything else to offer?
Helena & Eva.....why!?!? ffs!
Stephie & Still, Virginia & Alexis, Sabrina & Scott, a lounge that looks like an abandoned Indian restaurant,so large you could land aircraft. plus shit cams....why!?!? ffs!
Lia & Brock,in danger of going next.
Aleksa & Stephanie,new apartment,same old routine. Currently have Viki & Kate having a vacation with them.
Viki is still doing cam-shows. Not allowed to post any pics,so I won't.
Alisa, is anyone else worried about our Princess? A shadow of her former self.
Julmodels.....why!?!? ffs!
Candy Red & Jack White.....why!?!? ffs!
Beverley & Hugo,there have been some nice evenings with Flexi-friend or Eva/Ava or whatever.
Cute friend & her boyfriend visited the other night, the dares game kicked off & it was clear that it wasn't going anywhere really.
Bev taking the piss out of her friend & boyfriend behind their backs,did herself no favours & showed us a nasty side.This week a thumbs down.
Nina & Kira. I love them,their mental cats & birds. End of,don't @ me !
Nikki, Matt, Poppy,I find Nikki attractive,& she seems happy with Matt. I just wish Poppy & his various friends would fuck off.
Marla & Hector,don't watch them,no comment.
Ary & George,another genuine couple who have had some great nights,but they seem to be in a bit of a lull at the moment.
I know Ary has not been physical well recently,& I wish her a speedy recovery.
Mira & Henry, another in the category 'oh how the mighty have fallen'. Relying on their purple dreadlocked friend to man the fort.
Between cam-shows this week she has been screwed by Felix,Anally by some random guy who's dick was as thick as her arm.
And a few hours later Loki showed up,which I was surprised at,I thought he had better standards than that.

I'm not going to name call here,there's no point. But some of these characters are really unattractive,physically & behaviorally.

When I think back to a few years ago and just about every apartment was worth watching, or had some interest. Not now.🙁



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This is my story - time to complain again for the thousand and one time - lol.

Sure VHTV offers up way more than RLC and you get to see plenty of naked girls and guys and orgies galore but one word can describe the site - " RIDICULOUS". How do you even follow these apartments with all the comings and goings of tenants but all the fuckfests between apartments. Both VHTV and RLC have absolutely no resemblance to voyeurism - so fucking sad. And what is up with all the skinny, titless, small ass girls. Yeah, I look at some of the apartments for "something" that might excite me like a big meaty pussy, some naked good curves, big boobs or a gorgeous girl but VHTV is not worth much of my time. I check out RLC to see what's new but sweet fuck all. I think RLC intentionally uses the same girls over the years just so that eventually they can say that they have mature women. Don't be surprised, in years to come, that Grandma Irma, Grandma Leora, Grandma Nelly and Grandpa Bogdan are still around if RLC is in business - lol.

Thankfully, all the various porn sites and live cam sites provides me with the types of voyeur teases that give me a rise. 

Basically, with both VHTV and RLC - subscribers money is used mainly for the tenants to have a good easy life while the owners reap the profits. What do the subscribers get in return? They get it all shoved in their faces with the tenants saying " thanks for spoiling me and letting me party and enjoy the good life on your money - SUCKERS" . They even have nerve to pose their naked ass and pussy directly to the closest cam to show their appreciation and give you something in return for your money. Ok, that I do like very much since the ass, pussy and boobs are what makes the woman more appealing. On these voyeur cam sites it has nothing to do with women's brains or even great looks/beauty because it is all about her being naked and having sex. Imagine watching a voyeur site and getting excited and a hard on because all the women are smart but never show any skin. That might only work on a blog site for those that get a rise out of having intellectual conversations with women. To me, sometimes more than three or four words in a sentence is too much to understand. And the use of big words - FUHGGEDABOUTIT!!!

So, these voyeur sites have become - ALL OR NOTHING shows - nothing in between that resembles a nice tease or a voyeuristic thrill. Nothing more satisfying the seeing the possibility of something sneaky and good, the adrenaline starting to pump, the imagination starting to go wild and before you know - BOINGGGG - and erection or hard on because the girl gave you what you were hoping to catch or see before your eyes. Not always about being totally naked and fucking your brains out - it is about the female beauty, curves and subtle teases of some skin. There are so many ways that a female can tease or do things that can provide that voyeur thrill or get you in that "excitement" mode. Some women are natural at it while some are so clueless.

With voyeur cam sites, you don't have to invade their privacy because the cams are there plus the tenants know where they are so they should act more natural, live more normally and work better at being a "voyeur's dream". Tenants are only there for themselves - period. Perhaps owners, managers and potential tenants need to be shown or trained as to what a tease is for others, what a voyeur is actually hoping for and what "real" means. Sadly, it is all about porn and making the quick buck and nothing about what voyeur-type customers really do want. Subscribers come and go but the steady flow of paid subscriptions and diehard subscribers keeps these shit fake shows going.

Ok, back to my porn sites and live cam shows for some voyeur activities that I so much look forward to. How about a BBW doing naked housecleaning, bikini asses walking the beach or street, girl wearing fishnet, girl flashing the pizza delivery guy (wish I was delivering the pizza), hidden cams invading a woman's privacy like having a shower or candid big booty/asses in public and more, much more - mmmmmmmm.


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