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Time for VHtv to take this one down.

In less than a week this apartment has been down for a fight that broke out between Charles & a 'friend'.

Last night he was very drunk & threatening towards Kimberley. She looked terrified,got dressed & went to leave the apartment.

He blocked her way out,looked to be saying, on the lines of, "oh yeah what you going to do about it...etc"

 Then the apartment went down. VHtv need to understand that their viewers will not tolerate drunken/violent behaviour, and especially towards women/domestic abuse.

No second or third chances,end of! 🤬

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Going back a bit now,but his behaviour reminded me of 'Mary & George'. George was a disgusting twat who became very volatile when drunk. We don't need anymore of that sort of stuff. 🙁

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I saw that this apartment was offline for 'technical issues'. That's bullshit.

We saw yet more drunken nastiness from this Twat. Something to do with his neighbour?

Kimberly had had enough,packed her stuff & was in the process  of leaving when he returned.

She threw her door keys towards him,not at him. He responded by dragging her out of the door into the outdoor hallway.

I assume the noises I heard were her bouncing off the walls?

I never will understand why abused women return to their abusers?

I suppose we will wait until the next time, and hope that he doesn't hurt her seriously.


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