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Ok, did something get into you this week ?  I mean, I really like your latest activity.  I think I've seen you bate 5 times this week or maybe I'm just over joyed with your new found thirst for pleasing your customer.  Either way, your bates are more and more intense!!!  N I C E

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You well have to go into the Chat Room for that Info my friend.."they can give you Her real name Date of birth Blood type Mother and Fathers name Her flight number School

I refuse to get sucked into that pit of doom and despair we know as ... (dramatic pause)  the CHATROOM shudder. lol 😅

Looks like Milena is back at the B1 apartment "again" doing a naked ritual with the Barc-lost and found!!!, I guess she is suppose to be some kind of fake ass goddess doing her stay this time, but sti

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I've always had an eye on this sweet girl, from the first time I saw her.

She usually covers up on free-cams but lately she's been more relaxed it seems. Anyway, I find her stunning - what a beauty, Milena. Hope you enjoy your stay in this apartment. And don't be afraid to hang in the kitchen :)

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On 9/17/2020 at 4:59 PM, PeterGrey said:

I've always had an eye on this sweet girl, from the first time I saw her

I like her. It saddens me that some people on this forum and chat  seem to have a vendeta against her? At a participant, she has done everything, so, why the hate? Mil is naked a lot, she has had sex on cam, what more can she do? Many have this obsession that certian people are trying to control the others? They are trying to be the leader? Based on my 6 odd years on RLC, it's more a fantasy than a reality.  

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