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  1. I've added a new video sharing module. You can find it by navigating to Home > Gallery > Videos or by clicking here. Using this module one can share videos from sites like Vimeo and YouTube, and share live streams from Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and SmashCast. Feel free to share what you like (so long as its legal). Things like music videos, cool tutorials, or movies are great starters. If you are a streamer feel free to share your stream link. - Admin
  2. We are testing out a new feature called "topic feed". I wanted to provide a brief explanation of how it works: The CURRENT DISCUSSION - LIVE FEED appears on the Forums page immediately below the chat box. The feed displays the most recent forum post, and enables one to reply directly to the post without having to first navigate to the forum where the post was made. Put simply, this allows you to read and reply to the most recent post from one interface without having to browse to a new screen thereby eliminating several clicks and few seconds from the manual navigation and reply process. Still don't understand? Try it out! You won't break anything.
  3. Admin

    Site Name Change

    In an effort to encourage more discussion I've enabled attachment uploading for all members. This means that you no longer have to use third-party image hosts. Please do not abuse this. All posting rules apply. Thank You,
  4. Admin

    Site Name Change

    As an aside, if you're really attached to the https://reallifecamfan.com name, it redirects here, so you can continue to use that URL if you want to.
  5. Admin

    Site Name Change

    Reallifecamfan.com was recently renamed to Discussed.cc. The reason for this change was to re-brand the site with a name that more accurately reflects the nature and spirit of the site. At its core this is a discussion forum. I also wanted to disassociate the site from the name Reallifecam as I believe that the name may have inadvertently limited discussion, as it gave the impression that this is solely a fan site for reallifecam, which it is not. I am hoping that the name change will broaden the discussion to other topics that aren’t necessarily even related to the “real life cam” niche. Similarly, I hope that with a greater breadth of topics more people will be inclined to take part in discussions which will in turn attract more visitors as new topics start appearing in search results. There are no other major changes on the radar, though we may add a few new boards or move some around in the coming weeks to open up the discussion a bit more. Thank you for your continued support and I hope that this change finds you well. Edit: Yes, I know that discussed sounds phonetically similar to disgust (I am okay with that, people are often intrigued by "disgusting" things). My goal was to come up with a name that reflected the nature of the site, was short, easy to remember, and makes one think a bit, the ambiguity of the word discussed and the .cc extension may illicit different connotations depending on one's perspective and interests. Respectfully, - Admin
  6. Admin

    Site Name Change

    As you have likely noticed the site name has been changed to discussed.cc. This was done intentionally, the site was not compromised in any way. I will provide a longer form explanation in the next day or so. Thank You,
  7. Thought I'd share this graph showing the number of registrations by month: While I'd always like to see more registrations, I wanted to point out that the number of registrations for the Month of September is up significantly. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly what may have caused the increase. However, I do know that RLCFs Google rankings have improved, and we recently made it easier to find the "Sign Up" button as it was far too difficult to find previously. Thank you to all of you that contribute to this community, and big thank you to Stncld316 for handling the day-to-day operations.
  8. The attachment issue has been fixed. Please let me know if you run into any issues. You *may* need to clear your browser cache if you try to re-open an image that you've already viewed as the cached link may not work.
  9. Images are being moved to a secondary location. The migration should be complete today. Everything will be back up and running. This will hopefully make things more stable in the long run.
  10. My apologies. I had to remove the prior version which wiped out previous submissions. There was a large update that broke somethings during the upgrade. Going forward it should be much more stable. We are now able to setup custom durations and categories, whereas previously there was only one competition that auto-reset every month.
  11. Do you like the new theme?
  12. Admin

    Site Outage

    The site was down for about 36 hours (maybe 48) because the SSL certificate was expired. I was traveling at the time and I was unable to update the certificate. However, the certificate has now been renewed and all is well. Thank You,
  13. Admin

    Forum Update

    All, I have upgraded the forum software to the latest version. It has some great new features. One of my favorite new features are "Clubs" which are basically groups that can be set to public or private. They essentially enable sub communities within the forum. There are too many new things to list, so feel free to explore, and let me know if you run into any errors or issues. Thank You, - A
  14. This image is hosted on: https://www.myairbridge.com Here: https://mab.to/QysUpeJfb
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