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  1. Milena seems to be lost, she can't seem to find her way to stay at the GP apartment, she seems to want to be or act like the girls mother or auntie, in some cases grand mother. I really don't understand why RLC would bring her into the project, surly the girls really don't need a female madam or pimp following their every move. If anyone would need any type of direction it would be Gina, she seem to be confused have the time, or is she just hook on her so call boyfriends drugs? I think that Milena needs to sniff her way back to the GP apartment and try to work with some one her age like Diane.
  2. Where ever Leora is, "Malia seems to be doing a good job of holding down the fort tonight.
  3. She probably would bring in more viewers too..lol "Diane and Milean 10 years from not at the GP apartment." LOL
  4. Looks like one of RLC's helpers is back to direct another show for the B3 crew, be nice if they would start bringing in new tenants for a change instead of using the same ones over and over again!! Nelly and Bogdan was a flap doing their say at the B3 apartment.
  5. Looks like Gina's house boy has gone again, I am sure he well be back again to un-load his balls again soon. After going threw other women threw out the GP and now Gina, I am sure he well strike again with others. One thing for sure, she didn't lean anything from his actions with her so call friend...."maybe she well go over to the B2 apartment and give her a hug for screwing man seeing she is so forgiving now!!!
  6. Well.....aaaaaa.......isn't that part of this section....to voice, should I have said that "its nice to see her get back with a dog who cheated on her with her girl friend." LOL
  7. Gina must have needed a drug fix badly, she let Dick Head back into her life again, after he fucked her friend and bragged about it to his friends. She made the Dumb ass of the year award, and he made her the laughing stock of the day. What a dumb ass bitch.....I wonder did Irma and her now sex and fake spiritual saver Milena have any thing to do with it?....what an idiot!! I guess now he is allowed to fuck Irma next. LOL


    Not all but mostly the girls in the Barc-apartments have become more boring then others in the pass, for one they have been here way to long, and seem to be stuck on the same scripted show from one apartment B1, B2 and the GP and back and to each other. Hell no they aren't real, may be cheap porn, but not material for RLC...."if they are real then, what's with the other regular apartments who live day to day as real life people??
  9. Stick around long enough, and you well figure out things!!!....trust me...its not hard at all. LOL
  10. I guess I am still waiting for this massive Barc-working girls turn over like a few others...."at least that's the word on the prison grounds."...lol...."until then some of the working girls are starting to bring in their stray males friends....funny that since some of these working girls arrival they have slept and fucked other guys...so it hard for me to except that they have real boy friends....more like paying clients." I am learning that RLC is much better viewed with out the daily chatters brain washers, they do sometimes fuck up a wet dream...."but to each its own." Lets hope when ever RLC does decides to bring in new girls they are new and not repeats....and most of all put more emphasis on hiding these girls personal backgrounds.
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