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  1. Looks like Kira and Nina have them some house sitters in place of them. I wonder how long they well be gone, nothing mention about a vacation. These girls might even be trying to get their own apartment too..."who knows."
  2. VHTV has been bringing in new tenants, and seem to be doing great. I am understanding that RLC is trying, but not hard enough.
  3. They might be trying to improve from what I have been reading, then again "you can't trust to many in the chat either when it comes to the truth, some well back up those girls then save their own kin." lol "I do think that RLC are turning some of their apartments into night clubs or just whore houses to gain members,...well if this is true, "haven't we seen enough of that with in the pass 6 months?" I guess if you can hire a few studs to go along with russian working girls then anything is possible.
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