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  2. RLC needs help bad, but until they realize they that all of their members aren't 75yrs old and older they are going to continue to lose good members. Understanding that their is a very bad virus killing people and may be holding and keeping what's died three months ago around doesn't help either. "If you can fly in boyfriends and sex studs for these girls, then you can fly in new members." Tenants and under cover workers like Bogdan and Nelly aren't helping, the stag shows aren't cutting it. Those so call under cover workers in the Chat lie's are starting to catch up with their lies and theories. Some one or some body had better make a change fast!!!
  3. Best thing I suggest you do my friend is "come up with your own thoughts and imagination about those two "Leora and Malia"...like you said "theories and theories" know one really knows about these girls and what they are thinking "unless they are working for RLC...."maybe one is and sits in the chat daily"..lol....but other than that "Leora is and well always be the main mascot for RLC and not those used up things in the GP, B2, B1 or B3 apartments. Some members want her to have another boy friend, but Leora seems to still be with Paul and seems to be very loyal to him too...."for me and my thoughts, "no matter what limp dick guy who comes to their apartment for a night of looks and free booze, Leora is not going to change, surly she would have done that by now." "by the way, she is my favorite too, and way worth my money then a road kill." LOL
  4. I don't think she is being controlled, "we think she is controlled because some of us want to see her join in with others doing sex, we don't like it when she doesn't because we or some of us aren't getting our monies worth." Yes we have our own thoughts and opinions when it comes to these people, but none of us may be right and may not really know the whole story about any of these people. I have seen others come into the project and do the same thing as Bonnie and her mate, but came back with others at another time. I don't like to get to mixed up with any of the stories I read about them or the thoughts of others, another reason I stay out of the Chat Room, where you read about more bull shit theories about these people then anything, some in there seems to think they know every thing about these girls "when there leaving, when there dong photo shoots, what clubs there going to, some can even tell you what happen in the clubs they are going to, makes you wonder if they are part of the dam staff, but either way 99% of it is false and bull shit...."it tends to make members fight among each other." Yes they may have signed up for this, but really??? do we really know way or was they shitted with bull shit talk and once in it was to late. Again your right "real life in here or this site is gone, but not for all the tenants that's in the project..."B1, B2, GP and the B3 apartments are nothing but unreal living and are just nightly shows and they do nothing for the normal living tenants at all "until they are resting from an all night drunk party and made up sloppy fake sex show." I always take things as I see them and figure out things myself, "could be right could be wrong....dam sure not going to get the right answer in the Chat Room. Live free and have fun!!!....some times that can be dangerous too. I think when things turn physical between Bonnie and her mate, that's when it's abusive....other then that "the door is always open." I do think if any of them do get an apartment, it well be Bonnie and her mate.... I think that they would be great in their own place, then they wouldn't have put up with the female Pimps at the GP apartment...lol....after all they are being real!!! As far as today's couples "I guess it would depend on whether your old fashion and really love each other or just want a part time relationship where either can see others.
  5. He might be afraid that she may end of like them "with a no care attitude"to whom they sleep with for a dollar. "Surly I wouldn't want my wife around any of them, then again, she's never been that hard up for money or weak as hell either. LOL
  6. I agree, something better then nothing!!! But you also know what's going to happen anytime these girls visits each apartment anyway. "I stop paying to see them two weeks ago, most of the information I get from them comes from the daily news crew in the Chat Room.... they like others B1, B2 and the GP are very boring now, as for the other apartments most of their windows are open to see free at least one or two. I can't see paying for the same bull over and over again when Porn Hub is free. LOL Until RLC can start to clean house "I well keep my money." VHTV is not to bad, that's where I spend most of my time now.
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