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  1. Dam Carla and Yanai's visiting female friend is gone already!!!!....I was hoping she stayed for awhile....she is very sexy. Maybe one day she well return.
  2. I am glad to see that Nina and Kira has got settled in their new apartment...."I really don't like the cams, surly they could have been positioned a little better, and I do hope that they don't plan on leaving that printer in the way of lower cam in the kitchen....its about the only close up I can get of Kira when she is cooking!!!" LOL
  3. Viola has has probably gotten bored of them both...."but is now stuck with those two until she can leave....dam....that's like being caged with two Gilligan's." LOL I also do think that Kylie is not going to allow Rus to fuck Viola like those in the Chat room cheers about and want everyone to think is going to happen every time they put on a show...."for where I sit and see.....Viola is just a Blue pill for the both of them....and a extra drinker who helps keep the local liquors open.
  4. I hoping they never use that night light!!!
  5. Great thing about VHTV!!! "Real un-scripted sex, Real masturbation, Real threesomes, Some voyeurism, Some chat video making, "No spoiler alerts about the tenants personal life's and what time they are leaving out and getting in or what clubs they are hanging out at, doesn't have a 24 hour mediator on the watch." A little bit of something for everyone....."there was once a site like VHTV.....I believe it was called RLC..."I wonder what ever happened to it?"
  6. Even though the Barc-girls seem to be slowing down...."and who wouldn't considering on what's going on in the world today"...their biggest fans in the Chat seems to want them to keep performing whether the circumstances are good or not...lol..as long as someone gets drunk and show some kind of ass...or in Rus case "makes an ass of him self" for their enjoyment! LOL I am still wondering how many well leave for good once this sickness is over???...or how many real members well this site lose trying to keep up with these girls!!!! As for the local apartments...."their faces shows, things are real on the outside and getting drunk and stupid every other night for the cams may not be worth it any more. I have notice that the B1 apartment is allowing a male guest to one of the girls are able to come in and go as he pleases.."not knowing what he is bringing into the house"...but who cares as long as its entertainment for the few!!! LOL
  7. Nina and Kira are slowly getting their new apartment together, lets hope it doesn't take much longer. I have also notice that Kira is doing her work or working on the desktop computer at home alot now..."could be her job....just taking a guess...might be wrong."
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