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  2. Looks like Milena is back at the B1 apartment "again" doing a naked ritual with the Barc-lost and found!!!, I guess she is suppose to be some kind of fake ass goddess doing her stay this time, but still pushes the girls to fake fuck each other.....lol...."Milena just can't keep her old ass at the GP apartment for a week, and really does nothing for RLC....."her main job must be at a local funeral home." Some please please send this women packing!!! LOL
  3. Kitchen cams sucks!!! Kira keeps building items up on the counter so there is not chance of a good view, living room cams aren't any better either!!! While others on the site are moving at a 100 miles per hour when it comes to sex, Kira and Nina are at a very slow roll. "either show more flesh or give us more sex."
  4. My thoughts, Leora well never leave Paul, he was there a few months ago, "all I saw was a rental brought in by Leora to be used by Malia of hopes of gaining more viewers, but dude couldn't hang, bringing him back...well lets hope he first learn his lines and can stay woke. Leora leave Paul...for me..no can see. LOL
  5. Well later that night or day..."Leora brought home a male rental from off the streets for Malia and made him to dam comfortable, after having way to many drinks it seems this guy may have gotten drunk fast, before he could doing any kind of acting or fake begging...lol....his dead ass passed out on the couch, and all Malia could do is laugh and talk about his dead ass on her cell phone. I guess pussy wasn't really on his mind that night, more less like "sleep"...what a dumb ass, "who passes out around two sex ladies, he didn't even get to see any pussy....not that he was going to get any!!! LOL I guess next time Leora may need to contact either Diane at the GP or Gina to find out where to hire a much better stud for her live in friend Malia. LOL
  6. Unless your new to the system, nothing new, "same show's, same lame "she an't, she is, they are, she licks, he fucks, who's leaving, who's horny, who may be horny, she's do to masturbate, she may have a party, he's moving in, he has blue balls, drugs, booze, party on the roof, dildo party, finger party, licking old sweat off each other party, chlamydia in the making, rubbing each others ass for hours." just the same weekly shit...nothings changed!!!LOL
  7. Milena seems to be lost, she can't seem to find her way to stay at the GP apartment, she seems to want to be or act like the girls mother or auntie, in some cases grand mother. I really don't understand why RLC would bring her into the project, surly the girls really don't need a female madam or pimp following their every move. If anyone would need any type of direction it would be Gina, she seem to be confused have the time, or is she just hook on her so call boyfriends drugs? I think that Milena needs to sniff her way back to the GP apartment and try to work with some one her age like Diane.
  8. Where ever Leora is, "Malia seems to be doing a good job of holding down the fort tonight.
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