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  1. "We're getting the band back together!" 😎😎
  2. Gretta watches Ganzel play with his balls.
  3. 2/2 The following evening,the fun carried on. The shorts come off,George's face! 😅 Ary looks great btw! I bet you can get his attention. Very nice. Not sure this will go anywhere,but a man can dream.
  4. A two parter. 1/2 Last night friends visited again,they drank a lot & played games. Guest girl is miming something,wank?cum? ejaculation? squirt? Nice. Ary getting touchy/feely? They eventually settled down for the night.
  5. Nice shag-fest this evening. Or the English teachers continuing education. Athena & Apollo & Felix. Watched by Allison & Roger? Maren teaches Apollo. Apollo & Maren. No idea why Allison was supervising,didn't help when she & Roger stood in front of the cams! Dammit! Karel joins in. Karel & Athena, Apollo smashing Maren. Allison & Roger. Joined by Athena & Apollo Meanwhile in the lounge.
  6. I & D have perfected the art of sleeping whilst having sex .
  7. This is the only action you will see in this apartment. Move along,thank you.
  8. The purple haired dreadlock girl gets rewarded for her work looking after Mira & Henry's place. Meanwhile M & H have abandoned their apartment again after only just returning from vacation,but at least they have left the lovely Athena (& Apollo) to look after it this time. Elaine is painfully thin,she probably has 'issues', she makes Sina look obese. If you haven't got a subscription you can catch her cam shows on Stripchat. The only positive spin I can put on this is,maybe Maren & Karel/Lydia & Loki's crew will have a place to party now,seeing as Allison & Roge
  9. Logged in tonight to find this. Sums it up really? 🤣
  10. 2/2 Flexi goes to work. Working up a sweat....hang on,Horses sweat,men perspire & women glow? Working up a back glow! 🤔 Petite done. Bev's turn. Sorted......More !
  11. Two parts 1/2 Flexi & Petite friend visit. Pretty maids all in a row? Owww! This is how you do it. Let the carnal carnage begin. Flexi done.
  12. I've seen more meat on a tooth-pick. 🤣
  13. The artistes formerly known as.....? I wonder what the idea was for the re-branding? Better money as a new couple on a new deal,or just an excuse to take the piss? Same old apartment with added shitty gift wrap wall paper & a new kitten.Trying to stay positive,but struggling.
  14. Another night of an apartment of top shaggers & sexy women,that amounts to nothing? This is getting tedious now. Positive note,Allison smiled!
  15. 3/3 Guest girls rapid arm movement attracts cat's attention. Bev takes the cat out of the room. Cats constant crying is distracting Bev. Discussion about what happens next. Bev getting pissy again? Another discussion behind guest girls back. Bev goes for guest girls feet again,guest girl squealing. Bev finishes off Hugo.
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