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  1. Helluva Friday night,and I'm not talking of riots. Alex & Chad call in to see Alisa & BF,a same room session kicks off. Alex & Chad then go to Serg & Mel's and have fun in the company of Sonia & Karim.It ended up with Sonia using a dildo on Alex. Whist everyone else took videos of the action & mostly getting in the way of the cams.😡 At Marcy's there is girl on girl action with Funny.George was in attendance who watched the girls play,jerked himself & came over Funny's back. Meanwhile with George out of the way Sina entertained her new guy. Loki & Lydia had a couple of friends to play,they all ended up in a pile with everyone taking turns at everyone else,even a bit of dp action. Two new apartments opened,Marcus & Val,friends of Ian & Deborah,tame by comparison opening night sex. Then there is Mila & Ragnar,friends of Stiffy,Sabrina & Scott.The evening was looking interesting with the girls getting into each other until Ragnar got a phone call which looked to be bad news.He seemed very upset.🙁 Hugo & Bev had a couple over,girls got into each other before the couples went to separate rooms. Jasper & Maddie had a male friend over for threesome fun & dp. And rlc think they can compete with this?......Nah.
  2. Can anyone answer this question for me. What is the fekking point in this apartment?🤔
  3. Nice gathering a few nights ago with Cory & Harry. It didn't really go anywhere other than topless,but it broke the ice with Sonia & Karim. Nice evening. Notice that Theresa seems to have vanished? 😏
  4. Looks like he's been through his entire repertoire in one evening. 🤣
  5. They had another foursome a few nights ago. The girl guest got cold feet half way through,but it was a full on swap. I didn't bother grabbing anything as the lighting, cams & mole vision were crap again,as pointed out by @Scorpio 22 above.
  6. It's really a sad state of affairs. I was just having a look at the Read Me section at the 'Code of Conduct while here in the forum' post that the much missed Moderator Toolmaker wrote on September 18, 2015. Seems to me that some folks on here need to read it. It was added to by our old boss BTR. "to make it a level platform for all members regardless of sex ,culture or colour,..... ........just ask a question in the forum or ask on chat if anyone can help in matters,you will find a lot of friendly and helpful members." I don't remember that Code of Conduct being abandoned,but it seems it has been. Maybe it is time for a refresh of that Code,an update for our new & shiny Discussed.cc
  7. Oh dear,what a shocker & I couldn't care less. She was hardly ever in the apartment. A nice apartment that she managed to turn into a bomb-site shithole in a very short space of time. If that's the state of her domestic hygiene,I dread to think what her personal hygiene is like.
  8. That's a damn shame. I don't know if it is the pressure of being part of VHtv or what. They seemed so happy together early on,yet it's all gone horribly wrong. I hope Penny makes the right decision for her,and I wish her well.
  9. Sorry to bring the mood down,but I couldn't let it go. Penny is a petite princess,what is she about 5 foot tall? I have bags of potatoes that weigh more than her. VHtv did respond to my ticket and said that they had already received other complaints,thanks to the CC crew then. My fantasy is that Peter gets his arse kicked into touch & Ada tells Alan where to go & moves in with Penny.😍
  10. Oh while we are here. This happened earlier. Funny Watch!
  11. Nice pantyhose leg show. I would much rather see this than the frequent close-up naked arse to the camera pose a lot of the girls do, or bowling ball position as I call it.
  12. 2/2 At this point I was thinking,No no no,don't do it! (No condom btw.) Ina's noticed. So has Jonas. So has Mel Karim is sent in to tell them to keep the noise down. I & J chat about the situation. Probably on the lines of,'we need to get dressed & get the fuck out of here before it all kicks off.' Mel see's Ina. You need to stop now! Serg is crashed in the bedroom,Karim on the LR floor,Theresa on the LR sofa. Mel & Sofia discuss the events. Serg joined them and was trying to justify his night. It wasn't going well. Lucky for him Alisa & Flame showed up. Mel tells Alisa what has happened. Never mind that shit,look at my new bra!
  13. Slight delay on this one,as I got distracted by events at P & P. Two parts 1/2 Gathering including Sofia & Karim,Theresa and Ina & Jonas. Usual games etc. Karim was wasted,getting too close to Mel and given a warning by Sofia. I & J go to play with T. Mel ran in an discretly placed a condom for J on the bedside cabinet. Ina left them to it. Unusually for Jonas,he had FDS. He didn't have that problem later with Ina. Enter Serg & Theresa. Serg having fun slapping Ina's arse. Mel checking on things. Look at Ina's expression,wow! Serg really getting into this. Karim enters to have a look what is going on,obviously going to report back to Mel. By this point Serg is almost giddy with excitement.
  14. If you are wondering where Peter & Penny's apartment has gone,I will tell you. I have just submitted a ticket, a complaint of Domestic Abuse/ Violent assault of Penny by Peter in the bathroom. It might have been conveniently out of view of the cam but I've got some evidence for you. Friends visiting, Peter says something to Penny,"Who me?" The girl friends go out for a smoke Penny follows Peter to the bathroom. As soon as they get through the door Peter slaps Penny to the floor! You can clearly hear a few more slaps, then he starts to shake her violently. Before slapping her across towards the bath. A few times we saw & heard Penny's head bounce off the wall. She went to the bedroom. Looking to the heavens? This is when it all happened. I am posting this as evidence and as a warning to VHtv to do something about this instead of sweeping it under the carpet & ignoring it.
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