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  1. Not really an Exclusive Hair update.
  2. Apparently it's Melisa's birthday. All the usual faces turned up,and then they all left to party somewhere else. That left Stiffy & Fiona alone in the apartment,looks like they are a thing now?
  3. Wow! and there was me thinking that the people on VHtv only ever looked at CC and didn't know we existed. 🤣
  4. That's a shame, at least they were different. Apart from the swinging sessions they played board games and even read books. I wish them well,and we might get to see them at Mira & Henry's or Maddie & Jasper's.
  5. I saw that this apartment was offline for 'technical issues'. That's bullshit. We saw yet more drunken nastiness from this Twat. Something to do with his neighbour? Kimberly had had enough,packed her stuff & was in the process of leaving when he returned. She threw her door keys towards him,not at him. He responded by dragging her out of the door into the outdoor hallway. I assume the noises I heard were her bouncing off the walls? I never will understand why abused women return to their abusers? I suppose we will wait until the next time, and hope that he doesn't hurt her seriously.
  6. A regular visitor. We have also seen her at Toto & Bianca's where she briefly got involved with them,blink & you'd have missed it. However,card games then to bed. A nice massage session took some tentative steps. (In glorious Mole-Vision.) Enough with the teasing.
  7. Ada & Penny drink & dance & sing. And bathe. When the rope & the candle wax stuff happened (I cut that out), I thought this was going to turn into one of those faux sessions. Wrong ! I think they enjoyed that.
  8. In other news. HRH Prince Charles has tested positive for the Corona virus. He is self-isolating at Balmoral Castle with Covid-19. Prince Andrew is at an undisclosed location with Jennifer-14.
  9. Plank


    Friends visit. Guy goes for a bath,I don't know if it was a birthday treat or a bucket list. But the blokes face when Milly came in and started to undress. Dark haired girl directing operations as she had all night. Milly makes her friend cum.
  10. Going back a bit now,but his behaviour reminded me of 'Mary & George'. George was a disgusting twat who became very volatile when drunk. We don't need anymore of that sort of stuff. 🙁
  11. 🙄 'Post as many pics as you want, just don't expect others to be involved in these peoples lives as you clearly are.' It is a forum, that's what we do here, hence the name 'Discussed'. It's my opinion/viewpoints and observations on stuff. 'Complaining time after time members are only interested when pictures are involved.' An aside comment,an observation made twice. 'Other members add pictures, but don't make a big deal when people don't acknowledge them.' I don't seek or need anyone's validation. The only thing I have ever asked for is more input from other members.
  12. There are some good looking women that pass through here. They might be models? This one always gets my attention.
  13. Part.2. You can go now Sam. Hi there ! Don't worry,after the Girl friend went home Sam got his. Two rounds.
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