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  1. lol they must be I see they got another drunk and drug party going on at B2 but for some reason just got a 502 bad gateway error
  2. Ginger next Barca party BLACKEDRAW My girlfriend got gangbanged at the after party XHAMSTER.COM Watch Blackedraw My Girlfriend got Gangbanged at the after Party video on xHamster - the ultimate collection of free Boysuniverse & Free Mobile HD porn tube movies!
  3. that what i mean Rlc is destroying all of these guys in the chat myths. I alway say that the Barca apts are excort training camp those that make it through go on to be great whores. now I knew Gina & Irma HO off cam but never thought gina would give in on cam but she did and in the pantry, out all place. and that Fiona even though she never took dick last night is going to be one of Barca greatest whores her acting is pretty go LOL. by the way did you catch D<K<G and the 2 RLC studs smoking meth in the hall last night. at first i thought he was banging Diane in the corner with Kim as a look out. but from the third floor terrace cam you can see exactly what they are doing watch how diane keeps flicking her lighter and how they all bend down and get a puff
  4. I'll check back later Doe Eyes is visiting Nina don't see Kira. over on VHTV
  5. either way RLC better get them some Viagra because they are slacking in their duties.
  6. Have you notice that outside of olivia dopeboy the same asswipes show up to every party outside the one that got his ass kick. this leads me to believe that these jack-in-the-box are the only males in Barcelona or they are on RLC payroll
  7. Luc got a beter chance of fucking Bonnie. then these guy got with G&I
  8. So far Gina and Irma are true to form they will let you see it, let you play with it play, but ain't no fucking going on. so if they are waiting for that they might want to pack a lunch it gone be awhile
  9. well it appears Irma's down for the count. so this will turn into a lesbian limpdick smorgasbord. with all the usuale supects. doing what they do. add Gina to the mix and you have RLC version of good girls gone bad
  10. What did you think? was it as good for you as it was for them? on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the highest score you can give how did you rate their performance
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