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  1. From the limited 'google translate' stuff I've picked up in the last few weeks, it seems that man was a friend of Leoras new bloke and she was trying to set Malia up with him although Malia has never seemed too keen on the idea and last night confirmed it, it was cringe worthy to say the least, from what I can make out, Leora's definitely not with Paul anymore, I do hope she brings this dude back but if he's not up for the cameras we could see Leora quit or at least get thrown out for constant absence, that just leaves Malia, heaven knows what's going through her head at the moment, I'm guessing she wants home ASAP.
  2. Most definitely, bless her. Maybe she's discovered she likes showing off to the camera, a bit of 'Leora rubbing off on her' so to speak.😏
  3. What do you mean by that? She's been openly talking to Malia about him, When she went out the other night at 12am she clearly said to Malia that she was going out to get screwed, I don't go on chat, just post on here every now and then when something is going on in Leoras/Malias apartment as I watch them for a good few hours a night, Leora on and off for a good five years. Where do you think she is now? it's 1am there and Malia is alone in the apartment. It's not Paul either as she said 'goodnight' to him on the phone the other day and was on the phone straight after talking about which day she was gonna meet up with this other dude, she's 100% screwing somebody outside the apartment, if by some strange circumstance it is Paul then my bad but I'm pretty sure it isn't and I know for a fact it's not speculation.
  4. Poor Malia, moves to Prague to keep her best friend company and ends up stuck in on her own while her best friend is out screwing some dude, If she's not out screwing him she's glued to her phone texting him, I really can't see Malia putting up with it for much longer especially as Leora is going more frequently, soon we will have another mostly empty apartment.
  5. Booty call for Leora tonight, getting all giddy and dolled up for a night out with some dude she's been texting (12am), she just ate a bunch of food and said to Malia 'I need energy!', doesn't look like poor old Malia is gonna get any though.
  6. Malia really needs to brush up on her 'sexy dancing' skills, It's like something out of 'cats the musical'
  7. Yep, within an hour of me saying they're drifting apart after a few days of nothing at all, BAM, Malia sticks her fingers down Leoras nether region and it looked like they were going for round 2! Couldn't have timed it any worse. Saying that, I don't know what it is but Malia definitely seems way more up for it than Leora, whether Paul has said something or Leora is just getting a bit wary of liking it a bit too much, she doesn't seem as eager. I was cringing watching Malia try to get her hand closer last night because Leora had her legs firmly closed, I almost expected her to snap at Malia but then as you said, she started to stroke Malia's arm/chest encouraging her, then she stopped, moved away and that was the end of that. I really haven't a clue where this will lead to, if the 'experts' on here are to be believed then it'll go all out as per RLC's orders, that may be right with the prozzies over in Barcelona but I've been following Leora on and off for years and although she clearly bates for clicks, I really don't think she's told what to do at all. For one thing it's definitely intriguing viewing.
  8. Well if this little Malia and Leora episode is all fake and scripted, Leora clearly aint reading the script, she's been distant from Malia since saturday night even with Malia drooling over her at every possible moment, last night she moved away from the advancing Malia so much she was almost off the bed, no more 'massages' either. It's looking increasingly like Saturday was a one off that Leora's starting to regret.
  9. Well, just logged in to see 'Leora' cleaning the shelves in Malias room with her back to the camera and thought 'she's moved out', she then looked in the mirror and had Malias face! freaked me out for a second, Malias had her hair done almost identical to leoras but with a fringe. gotta admit, it's much better if not a little confusing from the back telling them apart.
  10. A lot of Americans on here mate, 'fanny' is arse/ass over there, but you're right, Malias looks a bit more 'traditional' arse/puss combo where as with Leora, it's more of a continuous slit until she really spreads her legs.
  11. Oh it's not gonna happen between these two guaranteed, the most likely outcome listening to them is Malia will leave as soon as the lockdown is over and Leora will not be seen in the flat for long periods of time, she was on the phone texting some guy for most of last night and even now, she seems a little obsessed with him, then there's her neighbour who she's desperately trying to get the attention from since he was seen staring from his window with boxers on. As far as Malia is concerned, I think she'd jump on Leora at the first chance and Leora knows it so every now and then she lets her wrap her legs around her and let her have some leg stroking. It's wearing thin now though and as I said, I can't see Malia staying.
  12. Yes, I've got a laptop with external usb speakers, turn the volume up a bit and place the mic about 3 inch from one of the speakers, set russian to english, it's a bit tricky knowing when they're gonna speak as you have to press the mic button but you get the hang of it, it'll do a sentence as long as the pause is not more than 2 seconds, just got some cracking dialogue between bonnie and rama, they got serious issues!
  13. Leora is a little preoccupied with her 'muscly neighbour' and the dude she's obsessing over on text who definitely aint Paul, 'google translate' works a treat! I'm guessing Malia is very inexperienced with sex and to me, she's just found some feelings for Leora she didn't know she had, if Leora would let her she'd be 3 fingers deep in her by now, you can see the frustration on her face right now with Leo giggling like a schoolkid while texting the mystery dude.
  14. It may have all been a show but dam, Bonnie has got a taste for it now and doesn't want anything to do with Rama, only time I've seen her smile was talking to Alex, the scowls she pulling would kill a man at 40 yards, Rama looks like he could go psycho any moment!
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