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  1. Mario is quite the nose picker - FFS!!! Suggest he trim his nose hairs for starters since it could be a contributor. I might discriminate but I am okay watching women pick their nose (find it kinda cute)- lol. Seems like Denise has a nice little body on her. For her small size she does have some rather nice big boobies and big areolas and big thighs. Surprised that they were watching an American news/documentary on TV that was in English.
  2. The chatters know everything about the tenants and must even have access to their bank accounts, ancestry history and daily planner. Oh, and I am sure the chatters and tenants are on speed-dial and face time to discuss their minute-by-minute movements and plans for their daily actions.
  3. Here is an added pic to help you figure out why we complain about the same few members doing the "disgusting" chat. According to today's numbers we have 23,953 overall members listed (over the years they have come, gone, died off or stayed) but just a few members chatting. To me, this is not normal since years ago we would have at least 50 to 70 different members chatting through a period of a week about many topics besides RLC. Currently the same 4 to 15 different members chatting through a period of a week. How is this a good thing for Discussed.cc and it's participants that do want to contribute and participate in the Chat Room? I shake my head profusely and roll my eyes - lol.
  4. What I can never understand is why Admin is so damn blind to how pathetic the Chat Room is. Yes it is being used but by only by a "select" few and about the same useless crap. And forget about everyone being adults and should act like adults since it is children doing the chatting. I only look at the Chat Room to see that nothing EVER changes and if a new member gets involved they soon drop out. The only thing that I can say is "WAKE UP ADMIN!!!". Is it just a coincidence that the chatters only talk about RLC and mainly about the Barca tramps or is there some real connection between RLC, Discussed.cc and the chatters - hhmmmmm. Very little, if any, talk about other voyeur sites or general topics of discussion (about 90 to 95% talk about RLC). Why is that?
  5. It still amazes me that Discussed.cc Admin condones the chatters and lets their own site get taken down by a few members that keep talking crap in the Chat Room. How has the name change from Reallifecamfan.com to Discussed.cc improved the site and increased participation by members? Got me. But the same chatters rule this site which is sad and embarrassing as a long-time member.
  6. Reasons and situations like this (what Plank observed above) convince me that some women are better off with other women and I fully except women being lesbians. Sure I have seen women fighting (on one of the voyeur sites - think it was VHTV) but watching guys being totally abusive makes me sick. Penny is so sexy and adorable.
  7. Alan is a useless fucking twat but women cling onto him. Kick his ass out.
  8. I think Brazilian girls are heavily into burying their faces into a girl's ass just waiting for the sweet aroma of a fresh fart.
  9. No point of this kid going to school to get an education. He has proven that something so obvious is out of reach in terms of his mental capacity. He will go through life being "nuttin' " but a dumbass.
  10. dougiestyle4u

    New Moderators

    Even Rob1 came back as a mod for a month or two and quit again. Lost cause. The Chat Room is for the "select" few. You have to talk their game AND be as "knowledgeable" as them - hahaha, so funny. Discussed.cc is comfortable with the closed door meetings in the Chat Room (commonly referred to as the Real Old Boys Club). Amazing how much the chatters enjoy easy women, druggies, abusers of all kinds and not so pretty ladies of the day and night. Chatters seem to expand their demands for only lesbians to being open to any kind of sex with anybody or anything. I guess a Barca girl taking a stroll down "shemale" lane will definitely be the talk of the town (Chat Room). Both RLC and the Chat Room mirror each other to the point of being brutal as fuck and not worth the time of day but are still well worth my two cents in badmouthing them.
  11. FUCKING ASSHOLES KEEP ENTERTAINING the gullible viewers. Either suck cock or eat pussy or both. Pretending just don't cut it. Rimming the asshole is a great start. And for Leora and Malia, if you don't know, rimming is when the tongue physically touches another person's asshole. Try it - it is good shit (figuratively or literally speaking - lol). Licking a female's asshole is the cat's meow - mmmmm.
  12. Thick makeup does wonders for "fake" models. No natural beauties as tenants with the exception of 2 or 3 of all RLC apartments. Barca females come across, at best, as a good looking shemale - lol.
  13. The chatters are worse than old ladies gossiping about sweet-fuck-all
  14. I do like Ilka but her masturbation was intentionally positioned for the cam viewers much the same as how Leora does it. Don't really get excited by this since their is no voyeur aspect to it. Now watching Ilka walking around naked does interest me way more. Nice capture StnCld316
  15. My first thought is that the big elephant in the room is RLC and the tenants have constipated the elephant. Similarly, RLC needs a good cleansing or major bowel movement to make things all better (get rid of ALL tenants and start over). I bet the elephant felt like a million bucks after that huge long download. Had to laugh at the cleaning lady taken a closer look to ensure she removed all the blockage. Lucky she didn't get a last minute splatter of crap - lol. Perhaps she should do the same with the chatters because they are constantly full of shit.
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