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  1. To put it mildly, a lot of the RLC females look pretty rough - especially the Barca kids. When I make a quick tour of the apartments and get a look at some of them my first word is "YIKES!!!!!". Can't imagine what they will look like as they get older.
  2. Kira is an awesome giver and loves pussy while Nina is mainly a taker.
  3. George must of saved that up because he shot quite a few splatters of cum. Good video StnCld316.
  4. Forgive me while I play with her big titties. Hey, get over it - I am a self admitted pervert with very little boundaries. If I see at least something that I like then I zero in to that. It is all or nothing so I will take it all to get at least some kind of satisfaction. The "nothing" option gives you exactly that - sweet fuck all. I do have a strong stomach and sometimes you have to take a lot of bad just to get something good - lol. For example, a girl with an amazing body but comes with a buttaface. So will you get totally drunk first, dim the lights or put a bag over her face and then do her. Or maybe the girl has just a great personality that you can't help but want to show her a great "fucking" time - lol. Okay, Scotsmans84 I'm waiting for it - LMFAO.
  5. A newbie totally agreeing with what most of us good long-term members having being saying for over two years now.
  6. I think even with pics it won't help. Overall participation on this site has dwindled. Even I only like or comment the occasional post now. I think the interest has died down because the true voyeurism aspect is missing or not the same as a few years ago (fake shows or sex done just for the viewers and potential subscribers). I strongly believe that being able to freely chat about anything (in the Chat Room) would bring back more participants AND greatly increase forum participants. It is so obvious but blind to others or just being plain stubborn in accepting the truth or reality that current chatters own this site.
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