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  1. Oh, you so funny. It is called free speech and free viewing. Save your breath and use it on your chatter buddies because they come up with all the shit talk about all your precious youngens. If you don't like to read things in the forums then just - "MOVE ALONG". Don't see you bitchin' to the chatters when they badmouth your girlies and make up all kinds of crap about how the girls spend their day and night. Discussed.cc is pretty quiet but at least my posting in the forum got you to bite (participate) but I cut the line since I am a catch and release kind of guy.
  2. Wonder if the paid subscribers/chatters are happy knowing that directly or indirectly most of the female tenants are being druggies, whores and alcoholics on their dime. Some chatters even suspect Leora and Malia are drug users. Surprised that the chatters put up with guys staying and making themselves at home in the Barca apartments compliments of their paid subscriptions. These studs or fuck buddies must be laughing at the free room and board and all you can eat and drink (plus pussy, tits, ass and pussy juice) or visiting rights with the young girls to fuck in front of the subscribers (I su
  3. Don't like Nelly's shaved side of head. With the one side having long hair she looks female. The shaved side looks like she is a male and she actually looks pretty similar to Bogdan - not good at all. Still think Martina is the only good looking girl. Like some chatters have commented in the Chat Room - I agree, she does look pretty rough in the morning.
  4. This is my story - time to complain again for the thousand and one time - lol. Sure VHTV offers up way more than RLC and you get to see plenty of naked girls and guys and orgies galore but one word can describe the site - " RIDICULOUS". How do you even follow these apartments with all the comings and goings of tenants but all the fuckfests between apartments. Both VHTV and RLC have absolutely no resemblance to voyeurism - so fucking sad. And what is up with all the skinny, titless, small ass girls. Yeah, I look at some of the apartments for "something" that might excite me like a big meat
  5. Okay, time for another comparison between REALLIFECAM and VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV. Above, shows how much internet traffic each site achieves based on daily visits on Mar. 8, 2020 to today, below, which is Sept. 25, 2020. The higher the number means that it is being looked at less than before or not as popular in relation to other internet sites. It is so obvious that REALLIFECAM is watched much less now while VOYEUR-HOUSE.TV is maintaining it's viewer numbers.
  6. RLC is like living every day as Groundhog Day Groundhog Day - a situation in which events are or appear to be continually repeated In other words - "SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY". Same people, same daily bullshit, same thing day after day, after day, after day, after day, .........
  7. What a major crock of shit. Nothing but a show for suckers. Nice bodies but a total waste of time. For a guy, imagine having a girlfriend and that is all you get to do for months or longer - some soft touchie but no suckie or fuckie. And subscribers support and watch this crap. My imagination gets more action than these two in their RLC apartment. Do you ever notice them passionately kissing each other, or hugging each other or grab a quick feel or a quick tit suck in the kitchen or when they are together in the apartment other than in the bedroom? Sweet fuck all. If a naked girl was in front
  8. Camarads doesn't even give news or updates about their apartments any more. Noticed that 3 apartments went bye bye over the last few days. Realized for some time now that "customer service" is just a phrase and means shit - all talk, no action. Owners/managers get complacent and then wonder why their business fails - huh!!!.
  9. Since Masha and Nelly & Bogdan have been with RLC for many years, to me, it has the appearance that they have become parents/guardians to the kids just like Irma has to babysit the children in the Barca apartments. When sex happens between all the Barca family members then it makes it even more dirty ( in lieu of a different unmentionable word - lol). The differences in ages, some more fluent in sex than others and the need for RLC to kick it up a notch or two. Well. Piss poor script writing by RLC, I would say. Nothing new, again. All good for the same chatters though. Not so good for Dis
  10. pics from about 4 weeks ago. The red haired girl always seems horny for cock. As Martha Stewart would say "it's a good thing"
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