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  1. I'm sticking with my assessment of this set up, and that's Kylie isn't happy with having to share with Viola. True, the lure of a free apartment & cash was too much to ignore (Like all the others of course), but you only know what it will be like when you get in there. I'm positive that Kylie & Viola are simply tolerating each other and attempting to be friends only for the sake of their job, but you only need to see how Kylie literally pushes her away when she tries to get too frisky, the body language is loud and clear. But of course K doesn't help matters then by doing stuff back for the sake of the cam hits, which has always looked forced (And clearly encouraged by Rus, who always sits there with his smug grin, like a dog with 2 dicks). If it was up to K, i'm sure that V would be packing her bags, and they would have the apartment to themselves. But it was all part of the deal and she knew this. To say one thing in defence of V (And to be honest, it is only one thing), is she is probably confused and frustrated. One night she's actively encouraged to join in, next night she is shunned. And with another person regularly on the end of a phone certainly not happy either, then this living situation can't continue without a big argument happening at some point.
  2. "Sorry boss, the latest auditionees aren't the best looking" "Forget that, tell me the important stuff - How much can they fit up there?"
  3. Agree, good guest. And there was no messing about either, just hanging with friends. Pity other places can't take this approach! I realized why Yanai took the sofa later - They hadn't had time to wash the sheets from the guest room!
  4. And when they are covered in tattoos, Urghh! Especially those on the chest, will end up looking like they had a close encounter with an 18-wheeler.
  5. The whole Leora thing is intriguing, as there must have been a quick decision to move her once all the Russian places closed, so she must have been considered too important to lose. Maybe they thought that the popular tenants could be quickly grabbed by the likes of VH? Happened with Nina and Kira didn't it, although not right away. I agree that those who love her really love her! Some of the chat on CC is a little over the top! And yes, how long will a relationship last when they are so far away? No one is getting any younger so at some point she has a decision to make. But i wonder how some cope with life back on the outside when they are so used to what they have now. It must take some getting used to, simple things like er.... doing everything themselves!!
  6. WELCOME TO B1! ~ Where the girls both take the piss and give a shit! ~ Literally.
  7. I think Carla & Yanai aren't doing too badly, as well as Martina & Alberto. Leora & Malia were ok up to a point before something changed (I know all about Leora of course, but i mean that relationship as a duo). So there is still something to hang on to. I just get the feeling that the site will over time move to a general feel similar to the Barcas, remember, there was only one place originally and look how that's grown. I'm not surprised at all that they are the apartments that get the most views of course. Remember a few NYE's ago, when Irma gave Anna a massage and they kissed a few times? At the time, that was the most exciting and talked about thing that had happened there. Compared to last night, it was the equivalent of them soldering a new plug onto the toaster.
  8. I think last night was the night where rlc finally hit rock bottom, thanks to B1. It just NEVER stopped, show after show for hour after hour. It was really like they'd been told to do one every 30 minutes for all the different audiences, to the point where it was an alternate reality, where nothing made sense anymore, left is right and white is black. I couldn't fathom out the point anymore, it was surreal. Every time i switched on there they were, again and again and again. Literally, hour after hour, part 14, part 15.... I looked at the replays not long after, and counted 12 different scenes, not shots, but scenes, all over the apartment. TWELVE. And as for some of the things they were doing - And using - well, all i'll say to that is, it looks like ANYTHING goes now. They aren't people anymore, they're puppets, taken off the conveyor belt and encouraged to push all morals out of the window for their 'Career' and a healthy pay cheque, until their use-by date is up and then casually thrown away. Maybe this is the future, old timers like me aren't their audience anymore - The attitude looks as if "This is where the real money is now, so get used to it because we know this is how things are going to be. Don't like it? Tough". What the fuck is going on?? Are they literally turning into a full on porn site? Has it now all come down to this?? And i apologize in advance to their fans, who enjoyed the entertainment. Each to their own. For me, it was fucking disgusting. A pathetic, worthless spectacle. Sorry.
  9. ....And of course if and when it happens, also.... -
  10. There must be a HUGE bonus incentive on the table. It's shocking. And i know we're not meant to speak bad of irma as she is the greatest woman ever existed apparently, but it's just awful to see what the site has become. I think even the diehard fans of this apartment might be thinking "Hang on....."
  11. I know i'm probably in the minority but i find the whole situation at B1 quite repulsive. This has gone beyond putting shows on now. It's like they actually can't stop. Frightening.
  12. I'm certain that Kylie and Viola don't really like one another that much, from what i read and the bits that i see myself. Body language plays a huge part in these cams, we see stuff they forget about. I think Viola is getting sick with what's happening (And more often what ISN'T happening), and Kylie is sick of having to do a sizeable amount of things with this third wheel, even if they are being paid to. I wouldn't be surprised if Viola goes sooner than planned. When will rlc learn you can't just stick people together and expect it to work?
  13. I'm almost feeling a bit sorry for Malia, because all these long winded massages look like they are happening only to boost Leora's view count, rather than help both of them. To me, if it was up to Malia, she would be the same as she was when she arrived. Not saying she is being used by her friend, but there must have been some encouragement that has led to her quite sudden - And noticeable - change in behavior....Which is, when you think about it, unnecessary as Leora never has any trouble in getting views and i'm quite sure isn't at risk of losing her place.
  14. To me the early days were indeed different. Because people did stuff that could be seen as boring but it was part of real life. And some of the troubled times (Zoya and Lev being visited by the Police, Susan throwing a clothes hanger at Hector, Kira leaving Nina because she'd got too much etc etc) were not happy viewing but it was fly on the wall. I used to love watching Zoya work on her paintings for example. When i see people sitting around with nothing to say to each other, staring at their phones but then are each other's one true love for 30 minutes, that's what i can't stand now. I totally respect your opinion too of course, we just see the site differently now. And yes, they know what sells, it's the guise of it still being 'Real Life' that is irksome. Honest, if they scrapped the name and changed it to, say, 'CouplesCams' or 'Spyworld' then it would at least throw any suggestion of the real part out.
  15. Those are the kind of things i'm referring to when i call it 'Fake'. That's all. Just my opinion.
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