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  1. Absolutely agree. That's what i found last night, how it was attempted to be shrugged off but eventually given into, simply as she knows this new feeling is there. Even from just the body language, eyes closed at key moments etc, that's not put on. Maybe she's been taken by surprise by it all. No idea of course what happens next but something is there now.
  2. I think it's a simple case of someone who was doing it originally knowing it was really good for views, has slowly found out that it actually means something to them. That they're getting a genuine thrill from the experience. It did carry on for a second round after they had been in the kitchen too very late on, with once again some breast stroking as M was down below . Malia i think is really showing her emotions now and her pal hasn't had this kind of thing before happen so isn't sure how to deal with it. But as i said last night, after deflecting the attention for days it seemed too much to resist, hence why it happened again. Malia's emotions could be all over the place right now. But the unfolding turn of events is for me fascinating too. And the reactions from both of them do not in any way tell me whatsoever that they are putting them on for show.
  3. I saw the time difference between your 2 posts! Up till tonight i would have said 'possible' to what you thought, though i hadn't seen any signs of regret about it. But even last night, though she did seem to shy away as you said, she then decided to slowly stroke around M's chest later, which seemed an odd thing to do considering! But tonight definitely looked to me like someone who had been attempting to deflect the physical attention offered to them these past few days, only to find it too difficult to resist. Because they know for sure they now enjoy the sensation it brings, there is no doubt about that. It was eventually like last week, with the right 'places' being visited again, and it was welcomed for quite some time too. And twice at that. Plus - i also noticed that as it all progressed, there were several gentle glances at each other in a tender way. So it has given me renewed hope. I learned long ago to stop trying to second guess them! And they went a full week without a massage only a couple of weeks ago too, so i wouldn't read anything into that. So if any there was any regrets, you wouldn't then get any close up contact again, as it would be the worst signal to send out. But tonight there has been plenty contact. Maybe the last 4 days were 'having a breather'!
  4. Can't remember the last time i read a sentence on here where i thought "Please happen, please happen, please happen, please happen......"
  5. Hang on, did he mean Saturday? I was only replying to what StnCld said. What have i done wrong?
  6. Sunday was as StnCld says Dave, they were on the Hookah for hours with Leora texting away again.
  7. I know, i know. Shoot me down in flames for changing my mind on the whole situation a couple of weeks ago, but it's allowed, i think it's in the Magna Carta somewhere ! Anyway, from how things have changed into what i see now as genuine previously untapped affection, and progressing up to and including last night, it was unlike any of the Barcas. Whether or not it was planned, the experience was totally real from both of them and are definitely into it now. So having said all that, what was my verdict on the evening? It. Was. F**king. Awesome!
  8. 1959 Pontiac Parisienne Won at a charity auction by Mickey Finn, conga player with T.Rex, he gave it to Syd Barrett, original leader and visionary of Pink Floyd, in exchange for his Mini. Syd never drove it, leaving it on the street outside his flat in Earls Court, London (Where this picture was taken in 1969). It was originally brown, resprayed blue then resprayed pink when it was borrowed for use in the 1970 movie "Entertaining Mr Sloane". It remained on the same street until a passing admirer was handed the keys by Syd who no longer had any interest in it. On the side of the car in the now thick dust was the message "When are you going to move this? I have been trying to sweep the street". Whereabouts of this car is unknown today.
  9. Having said that, if she looked up at me like that with the words "Could you examine me?".....Well, would be rude not to i suppose......
  10. It's that 'looking up' in the first picture. Honestly it's just.........
  11. Weird isn't it? There were many times they looked so incompatible, now she's gone, they look bored! Wouldn't surprise me if another woman turned up, only for K to then keep her away from her man too!!
  12. Carrying on the Guitar thang Plank, your last line reminds me of this conversation between Mick Fleetwood and his band leader over an audition - "I don't think he's that good. He's only playing 2 or 3 notes a break" "Yeah, but listen to how he plays them - Less Is More" That Guitarist was PETER GREEN.
  13. Think this is the first time we agree to disagree Rubberman!! I hear you, but it is the emergence of Malia that has turned me round, and tonight it genuinely looked - As i personally saw it anyway - That Leora was getting into it too. We all see things different but it seemed that she felt that she liked it tonight, both Malia's massage or her stroking Malia through her pants later. I know all about the success this thing has cam wise of course, but this build up is more about Malia suddenly showing her emotions and Leora now starting to deal with it. Two weeks ago i wouldn't have said this, but it is Malia who looks to me totally real in her letting the guard finally drop. She seems genuinely loving what she has in front of her, and Leora has now found herself in a position of how to handle it. Let's not forget, we both know that this isn't the agency pairing them up together, L&M are buddies, so in that sense alone, it will be different, and that includes much slower. Right now it's captured my gaze - I know you won't agree with this time but it's how i see it all!
  14. Of course, the dual bate show was a spectacular moment, particularly as i think very few thought it would really happen, but for me the real interest is more in how Malia is in general, when she is stroking the body next to her. Whether it's a massage or just when she's lying next to Leora, i can see clearly how Malia gets such a inner thrill from it. You can see how gentle her movements are, it's more erotic, more sensual. I watch her body language, including her eye movements, and i'm convinced this is all natural from her. And it ties in with how she has unleashed this suppressed feeling. This is where to me the big picture now looks. Each time it's a case of will she move that little bit closer etc, and i honestly feel that she has those urges. For once on modern day rlc, someone is displaying genuine emotions! I find her behavior when she is playing with Leora much more of a thrill, much more of a tense story. I'll go back to how she was in the shower afterwards, that was her letting it all out behind closed doors if you will. The booze and atmosphere played its part during the party, but that afterwards told a bigger tale to me. Malia is no longer fighting her pent up urges anymore. And it's why i and many others are finding her fascinating to watch.
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