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  1. Welcome to RLCF ... oops ... dicussed.cc, Dirtyharry. You learn fast.
  2. The problem with RLCF is linked to the problem with RLC. They are both boring as fuck. Same old yammering about the same old shit every day, day in and day out. Even the stuck-in-neoadolescence people get bored after a while.
  3. I sit here alternating between smh and wtf. Surely Malia was told, and probably signed agreements and releases, that the apartment had cameras streaming live to the Internet 24/7. Even if it weren't explicitly spelled out to her, there had to be some indication(s) that sex of some kind was, if not expected, encouraged. I've often thought Leora would probably enjoy a female sex partner, possibly more than a male, if her response to Paul was any indication. So WTF, RLC? Trying to turn Leora's place into another lingerie tease bimbo place for all the old farts who are emotionally stuck at 12 or 13? smh
  4. Maybe Masha and Nelly will bump their fake boobies together. That should drive the chatters wild. 😂🤣😂
  5. One of the problems is not with them, but that f'n apartment. The camera is too far away from the couch.
  6. There's always one, isn't there?
  7. That's it in a nutshell. As long as enough money rolls in the people running RLC have no reason to change. Folks all over the Internet can bitch bloody murder, but that won't change a thing.
  8. Hey, what's life without a dream? 😜
  9. I agree with both of you. Whether or not Paul is important to her, he doesn't do it for her. Of course, I've often wondered if anyone other than herself can "do it" for her, but that's another issue.
  10. PoeBoy


    It was just a matter of time.
  11. I guess it's because RLC is making enough money with the status quo that they see no need to change anything. As long as the viewing numbers and times are above some level only RLC knows, they see an apartment as worthwhile, regardless of what goes on in it.
  12. That "fuhrer" ... how old is this person? 15? 13? Seriously, the only ones I can imagine being interested in those bimbo teases are the ones just getting their hormones. It would be a trip to see the actual chronological ages of everyone here.
  13. Not only have they added cameras, but they've dropped one of the two freebies, not that it was positioned to show much, anyway.
  14. Let the wild, random, and completely unfounded speculation begin!
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