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  1. Lots of different theories tend to get presented on this forum and in the chat box so I was just wondering: Do the girls that stay in the barca apartments " on vacation " work as secret agents because so many of them like to operate undercover. ( Sofie's the latest )
  2. Also reference iloner above. The old adage (sort of) says. A workman (woman) is only as good as the tools ( or pussies ) that they have to work with. In Rose's case, she could only work with her own undercover and had trouble getting many of her workmates to let her use theirs. Maybe next time there will be a new gang in place and they will all work together to get the job done
  3. Seems to me that it would just be an extended version of the chat box, a good idea for people with a lot of time on their hands not people with limited time. For every interesting, amusing and/or relevant comment made in the chat box, there is a lot more waffle spoken - not surprising when times are as slow as they have been. Personally, I don't wish to wade through transcripts of two hour discussions about the mysteries of wandering cats. Far more useful would be an automatically updated highlights section where one could catch up on the latest events without being subjected to everyone's views on WHY something happened. Not much danger of me wasting any money on replay at the moment anyway.
  4. Very true. Like to think I've got all the patience it takes to be a voyeur but watching RLC is a bit of a struggle at the moment to say the least. Reckon its a good job that I go away on holiday in just over two weeks but everyone else needs to keep watching between the 10th and 24th of July coz sods law says that all sorts of wonderful things will happen. lol
  5. Rose's bed ain't empty as I write this Shaka ( first time this week ), but it might as well be. Taking away their bloody phones might be a start. Then they would have to do something to keep themselves ( and maybe us ) entertained.
  6. Some girls are relatively easy to read, some not so much. Some surprise us all and come good right at the end ( so to speak ) - Megan and Caroline spring to mind! However an individual turns out, its what keeps it interesting. Despite never selling us short in regards to parading naked, open leg shots etc. etc. Gina's limits were apparent from a very early stage and I can't see that changing. Whatever the reason for her extended stay, whether she leaves any time soon doesn't really matter because, with three double beds in the apartment, there's plenty of space for at least one new face to shake things up a bit. Gina isn't one to get in the way if a couple of others want a bit of " privacy ". At the moment, b1 is fast becoming like one of the less lively couples apartments. Normal ( a technical phrase meaning boring ) and predictable.
  7. In all walks of life there are rules. There are always people who choose to ignore those rules. Then, when they are caught and punished, they whinge constantly about it and how unfair it is. Doesn't really add up does it.
  8. Totally agree. Their apartment is one of a few that I normally never check on. Not keen on pure lesbians, tends to become the same old same old because its expected. Prefer bi curious, tends to be more passion involved. That threesome was unplanned, caught it on replay and boy, that was some horny viewing. Doe-eyes is a VERY attractive girl Will be first on the list for a while now....Just in case
  9. I have known Polya and Irma ( not currently present on RLC but a people's favourite ) have doubles during masturbation sessions but that's all I can think of.
  10. Check out the Rlc replay " popular scenes thumbs right now. 13 reasons not to pay for replay. Mind you, I was thankful for my free tokens yesterday to catch the lesbian threesome. Missed it at the time and, although Shaka might be right in his recent post, still thoroughly enjoyed it.
  11. Spot on. Lots of members, relatively few posters/commenters. Come on people, it is a forum after all. The more the merrier
  12. If Gina is under " house arrest " as has been suggested in the chat box this evening, is it another stunning achievement by the self appointed censors that live on RLCF or just stunning because she's available to view constantly instead of being out most of the time? I'm confused
  13. Don't want to drag this out too much. After all, this is Gina's fan page and this is really a more general topic. I was with you 100% regarding Vanessa's apartment, to the point that I was disagreeing with others in that thread and I agree that action should be taken in any scenario where events are actually seen to be getting out of hand as you describe. I've said before that drugs have never featured in my life and I am not advocating the use of them but we have seen before that stimulants have created improved viewing on several occasions ( be it alcohol or more ) and being a voyeur of real life and having high moral standards aren't always a good mix. I completely respect your point of view and wouldn't hesitate to do the same where necessary, however, for every person who sees it as you do, there seems to be a lot of others who comment on these issues(?) for no better reason than that they constantly seem to need something to moan about and this can adversely affect the viewing pleasure as previously stated. Also mustn't forget that the original point made was regarding people commenting on unproven drug use which I went slightly off centre from.
  14. Your " point " is absolutely spot on! This is exactly how the viewers mind set should be when logged on to RLC.
  15. I do my best not to get drawn into all this b/s but it really is a pet hate of mine. There are way too many people on this site who are obsessed with the possible use/abuse of narcotics and/or alcohol by residents of some of the apartments. " It MUST be happening because......... ( fill this space with any old bollocks. ) SO? The occupants of these apartments are adults. This is real life. We are just, subscribed or otherwise, watchers. Nothing more. There is almost no doubt that the constant winging by the minority, leading to complaints - especially last year - has led to the A, Far greater amount of time spent outside the apartments and B, Way more restrained activity that takes place within the apartments. If you don't like it, don't watch it. You're spoiling it for the rest of us. As for the latest rumour victim, Gina, Even if the rumours are correct - and it really isn't anybody else's business - I haven't seen it have any detrimental affect on either her appearance or mood or anything else for that matter and she's certainly been here long enough for us to have noticed.
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