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  1. Yesterday's chat was quite interesting. Shortly after I first joined Discussed, I criticised Dutchy because I felt his dislike of Rose got too personal and repetitive. My opinion! I had previously had some contact with him on chat and, as I have said in previous posts, he was always welcoming. While I don't always agree with him, I think the recent criticism of him is unjust. Yes, he seems to dominate chat but, is that his fault? He is an active participant. Is that bad? He's a member, not a moderator so he has no power to control chat! If more people participated, then he wouldn't be so conspicuous. I'm not the chatty type but I do follow it and I have never seen him being anything other than welcoming to people who join the chat? While he may seem as a know it all, the fact is, he knows a lot! I get the impression he watches RLC more than anyone? Agree with him, or not, I don't think Dutchy has any ill intentions. For those of us who have been members for years, we know chat is a bit of fun and a lot of bullshit and speculation. For me, it's a source of info to tell me what I've missed. When I get back from work, I go onto chat rather than replay. Chat tells me what to watch and what is a waste of time. The source if that info, usually Dutchy. Chat has always been a place people are free to voice their opinions. Agree, disagree, who cares? I don't care how long you've been been a member; we all pay our dues and, as such, we have the right to express our opinions, whether that be in chat or on the forum. Last night we saw a member being singled out, I think that was unfair, especially given it came from someone who has never participated before in either chat or the forum:
  2. I guess the wedding is cancelled? I never saw that coming! Sideshow Bob being unfaithful? Who would ever have thought such an outstanding citizen might dip his wick elsewhere, especially after being immortalised in a now discarded Picassoesque artwork. What I found particularly nauseating, was he thought he was some kind of hero for fucking Uly? When he went outside to his friends on the balcony, it was all high fives, etc? You were, arsehole! Uly had to bate because you failed to satisfy her, just like all the women before you have left underwhelmed!
  3. Personally, I don't understand the negativity towards Elettra? She's one of the better looking ladies on RLC, she ticks all the boxes in terms of nudity, straight sex , lesbian sex? As far as I have seen, she's only had straight sex with one guy the entire time she's been on RLC? They had sex today and people in chat called her a "slut" and a "whore"? (I'm tempted to give credit to the quotes, but won't) Why? What has she ever done to deserve such derision? She had sex with someone she's clearly been in a relationship with for at least 3 months? Does that make her a slut or a whore? Alex and Lucian had sex today, Tibor and Linda too. Does that make them whores?
  4. Irma and the twins. In real life, a hot woman like Gina wouldn't touch that fat slug. It's either a set-up or free crack, for both?
  5. I would have thought, after years of waiting, seeing Gina have sex would have been one of the most celebrated events. Many would have watched it (except for all the bad gateway problems). Judging by the thumbs, it was about as popular as watching Ginger's 6th bate of the day. Gina's popping of her RLC cherry was one of the greatest anti-climaxes in RLC history. I saw a bit of the first session and it looked like she just laid there, resigned to her fate. I didn't bother watching round two. Gina has always been one of my favourites. To see her sinking so low as to let this fat warthog fuck her is tragic. For all the kids on here, this is why your parents tell you to stay away from drugs!
  6. Does a bear shit in the woods?
  7. From what I've seen on chat, it involves google translate and bluetooth speakers. I have tried it, it didn't work. I did things the long and wrong way. When chat said the ladies were Ukrainian, I learnt Ukrainian. Pretty useless as they all speak Russian. Similar but very different languages.
  8. I am beginning to think you're right. Now that I've had a chance to watch them, and, after their performance at GP, I am beginning to think differently about him. Google translator worked well, your English was good!
  9. Due to subscription issues, I went over a month without RLC. The Bonnie I saw before I was ostracised and the Bonnie I see now are very different? She seems to have a lot more self-confidence now. Rama gets blamed for everything, but, I think, the problem is with Bonnie. She seems like a very moody woman? To me, Rama seems like a very patient bloke who's used to her shit and puts up with it? As for Alex and Bonnie, perhaps I'm ignorant but, I don't think that is fake. I think it's the closest thing to reality that you can see on RLC?
  10. If you think that's bad, imagine being Melania! She's stuck with a brain dead imbacile who thinks drinking detergents and sticking a UV light up your arse will cure cornavirus? Personally, I think Hillary got the better deal!
  11. Things just got interesting. My bank says it's not them blocking it? Contacted Segpay, got an immediate reply, unlike my bank which takes a week. They will look into it? I don't know how that will end up but, I'm impressed by SegPay's response. C.....e, thank you.
  12. I've been thinking about that but, not sure that will work? Because it's a recurring payment, they want it linked to your bank account, prepaid or not. They don't trust you to top up your PayPal account etc. My one comfort is, I'm not missing much but, FFS RLC send Gina home until I can resubscribe!
  13. The PayPal option is useless if your bank won't allow payments to SegPay. As RLC's a recurring payment, ie it is automatically renewed unless you cancel, your PayPal account has to be linked to your bank account. You can't pay with just the money in your PayPal account. PayPal is merely an intermediary and your bank calls the shots. As such, if they won't authorise payment directly from your debit card, they won't authorise it through an 3rd party either. I have tried contacting my bank but, with the plague, their call centres are seriously under-staffed. When I called, I got an automated voice telling me I was 624th in line, expect to wait over an hour. Easy for them to say, they're not paying for the call! I can't believe I'm the only one with this problem? RLC, if you're reading this, perhaps think of a package where someone can subscribe without the automatic renewal. Someone can buy 30, 90, 180 day access as a one off. If they chose to renew, that's up to them. Why the hell does this happen when Gina moves in?
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