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  1. This guest was stunning but didn't look comfortable at all. Hopefully to see her again.
  2. One of the biggest waste of space and apartment going. Just proves being OK looking doesn't mean anything. On her own has offered zilch. Sex was pretty tragic, and if the rumours are right she has got herself up the duff.
  3. People that use the chat can go fuck themselves. Only one that will. Bunch of weirdo, obsessed, creepy fuckers anyway. Most from the real world reading would say the exact same. The forum that is struggling and lost a lot of good members. The sites don't help and need new and interesting tenants before they fall on ass also.
  4. A lot are supposedly being relocated and will take around a month to do so. Would not waste time with a few of them personally, others online could go also. Jmo
  5. Both Burberry & Anna are hot. Guys are waste of time.
  6. 40 apartments including the offline ones and nothing but rubbish. Quality of girls is poor. Rarely do you see any that masturbate. Sex from most is over before you boil an egg. Need I say more.
  7. Fuck all around the clock and now they have apartment how many times have they?? Typical VHtv.
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