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  1. Go softly into your forever sleep, dear Galina. You are missed ****************** She went by Angelina at RLC, but her real name was Galina Fedorova, according to what I found online. She was also a former Playboy centerfold model. Russian model Galina Fedorova dies in freak accident during photoshoot Galina Model | Nude Workshop by Igor Vorobey | Spain 2017 RIP ANGELINA - CC Topic
  2. The noise was what I tried to point out in my first comment. That was your opportunity to "man up" to your thoughtless, mean-spirited comment, but you didn't. "....if a FAT AZZ woman is wearing an embarrassing inappropriate little bikini in public, I'll be the first to tell her to cover up with the curtain. BTW I've asked many who work with me (women and men) if they looked in the mirror when they put that outfit on." I didn't judge you. I disagreed with your comment and I said why, which you, yourself, said was my right to do, not that I needed your permission. But, there
  3. That's a pretty smarmy way to try to get out of taking responsibility for a thoughtless, inappropriate, irresponsible comment. Sure, I agree we have a right to our opinions, but just because you have an opinion doesn't mean it's the right thing to say, or that you even have the right to communicate it. There are billions of opinions formed every day that should never pass the lips of the people who thought them. You wouldn't tell your wife or your girlfriend or your mother that she has a fat ass or that she's too big to be wearing any kind of bikini in public. And sometimes,
  4. Not great, actually. Not great, at all. Not even a little bit. Wishing or hoping that anyone catches this virus is beyond sick and demented, IMHO.
  5. Can you please provide it such that it can be downloaded? Maybe upload it to mab.to. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, Jadda. Much appreciated. 😊
  7. Thanks. Appreciate the info.
  8. That is a great pencil sketch of an absolutely exquisite pussy. Might you have the original pic you could share? If you created these sketches yourself, what software or website did you use? Thanks.
  9. Now, that's the right size picture (dimension-wise). THANK YOU!!! More of this size, please.
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