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  1. Hello, What about appartment to protect people from Covid-19? Because Health is more important!
  2. If is just for the money, why you must pay to view all cameras to see leora? All appartment (11 and before russian law, more) are scripted! Is just real streaming prostitution (with or without sex) ...
  3. I bet Masha going lose again and this girl and boy become togheter after and we know what is happened with Masha when Dasha and Sasha become togheter...
  4. Yes, is that because is very difficult with Schengen to have paper for every country where you want stay. If is for a visa, maybe is more easy.
  5. She ask for asileum in UE? Because to have all official documents to stay in Europe (Czechia) in 2 month... Something strange! ...
  6. I'm not by surprised if all come from the same country and location is just fake and scripted. All talk same language... Is just prostitution to win money.
  7. Maybe Kitty move project or broke relationship? Yesterday evening, Kitty dress look like a Kim Kardashian and move alone ...
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