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  1. true, they speak russian but i managed, i will let you know
  2. I know they exist but I can't find a simultaneous translator online, I would also like to be more serene in the reviews
  3. Thanks, I'm a very observant person, I'm sorry I don't understand their language and can't slap that gentleman.
  4. Sorry but I don't think Rama is not a very patient type, he is insecure, full of personality problems, possessive, domineering, he always feels inferior so he excludes others, Bonnie is afraid and that's why he does it. If Rama leaves, everyone wins: Bonnie, Alexandra and Lucian and all of us. Rama is dangerous, he is old and does not understand that Bonnie is young and full of life to live. I'd like to see Bonnie and Alexandra alone as Piper and Taylor....... Sorry for bad english but I use Google translator
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