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  1. As long as they're at the top of the thumbnail list, I'm assuming they're making money. So why try anything new. Maybe if people stop watching them do nothing and their numbers go down they might make an effort to get more views.
  2. Not sure what day we're talking about but it seemed from the above posts they did something different, since I missed it I guess it's not a big deal accept I will keep a look out for more in the future. I kind of let my guard down because nothings been happening lately, that I've seen anyway.
  3. OK fuck I get the feeling I missed something. What happened? They haven't been doing anything lately so it figures the night I don't watch something epic happens.
  4. I didn't watch the photo shoot, I saw it in the thumbs and thought... Boring. I do agree with you that they need to get some different girls. In my opinion some of these girls too masculine, with leathery think skin, like they recruited them from a woman's soccer team or something. I mean they're OK for a few views but nothing special.
  5. I refuse to get sucked into that pit of doom and despair we know as ... (dramatic pause) the CHATROOM shudder. lol 😅
  6. Is she Italian? I heard her talking to someone on the phone and it wasn't in Russian.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the drunken couch masturbation the other night. (Maybe taking Marilyn Manson off auto repeat would've been nice though.) Even events like that would get boring if they do them every night, so a few days of doing nothing in between is OK in my book. I remember the days in the old apartment where Leora would wait for Paul to leave or go to sleep to sneak in a fap session, the randomness kind of made it special, for me that made it a bit more exciting. Except when you see in the previews you missed one. :( But to be honest, the late night cuddling sessions just don't do anything for me and I find myself looking elsewhere.
  8. It's been a month and no funny business so far, but I can't remember how long I had been a subscriber last time when the phony bills started appearing on my bank statements. I'm hoping going through Paypal will stop that from happening again.
  9. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, they train animals for movies and TV to do all sorts of things.
  10. WTF! Is that real or some kind of cgi? If it's real that's some kind of wonder dog, even if they trained it to do that, it's still amazing.
  11. I'm new to the smartphone world. Is that how your translating? Will it pick up her voice and translate what she's saying? I'm always curious when shes talking and she seems to be doing a lot of it lately :)
  12. Welcome Dirty Harry (great name lol) Unfortunately the chat room chat is mostly about the comings and goings of just certain girls in an over the top stockerish way that only appeals to a few members. You won't get any help their unless you do the same. I suggest if you have questions or comments you use this forum instead. Sorry for repeat answer Dougie beat me to it. 😛
  13. You are right Rubberman I totally agree with you and nothing I said above was directed at you. I'm only trying to offset the direction of the conversation so both sides can express their opinions. There needs to be a balance so free thought flows here. I want to hear everyone's opinions from both sides. You never know maybe the powers that be might listen to us for once. lol.
  14. I know this is getting off topic a bit but I just want to say I think everyone has a right to their opinion and I respect that. and I agree with most of you. RLC has gone down the shitter in so many ways and desperatly needs a rethink from its creators.That being said I don't think the participants should get the brunt of the criticism. You can't blame the actors if the director is shit. Also in my opinion, if its pissing you off why stick around. Try to find something else that you enjoy and relish that instead of fuming here in a pointless attempt at changing RLC. They obviously don't give a fuck so why do you? I try all the sites for at least a month and fall back on MFC and CB if there is nothing else. Also I have several android devices and there are some pretty decent apps that I enjoy swiping through. Like I said above, Life is too short, we all should try to make the best of it and get what enjoyment we can. It also does make for a one sided conversation as the chat room makes clear. If only one view is being put forth then the minority will stay silient for fear of reprisal. I think we are all of like mind here, we all want the same thing (with some small variations) Lets all hope someone comes up with a new site and listens to our needs. Sorry I'll get off my soap box now. :)
  15. Just a thought (I haven't actually seen her do this) but could it be just that people are out on their balconies making noise because of the quarentine? I mean that's what I see on the news, banging pots and such.
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