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  1. Felicia & Felix have departed the VHTV Project.
  2. I missed the beginning so I could only capture what I could see. Ary & George Sex in the Kitchen 03-27-20.mp4
  3. Topic for Alexandra & Chad. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  4. According to Microsoft News this is to be rolled out some time in October or November.
  5. Alan has a new Bunkmate. Ada has been added.
  6. The Chat is open for discussion. There is more to this Forum than just 11 RLC Apartments. Everyone is just going to have to get a long with one another.
  7. This has been moved to the Technology Board. It seems to fit a bit better than seeing it in Leora's Apartment Board.
  8. Over the years they have improved a lot on their O/S but it's still far from being perfect. As long as they keep inserting Dynamic Link Library (.dll) files they'll always have issues. By the time Windows 12 makes it to the release date Adobe Flash Player will be gone as well Java Runtime Environment (JRE). That will be a big improvement alone. Then all websites that deliver Video will have to be HTML5 Compliant or their Videos won't play.
  9. It usually goes through a Beta Test first where certain users can test drive it and report any bugs or needs for improvement. I would say likely October or November 2020.
  10. Windows 12 will be coming soon
  11. They were on the bed together naked with their legs spread wide. No one had the gall to go further and start eating any pussy. The day pussy licking happens with these 2 the Forum Software would crash.
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