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  1. They have left this apartment but RLC has not marked them as Left the Project on their Website. Maybe they are just relocating to another apartment. Only time will tell the tale.
  2. Lexa & Waverley are now back online.
  3. Topic for Deen. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  4. Topic for Gera. Place your Comments and Pictures for this Apartment.
  5. Marge & Homer have departed the VHTV Project.
  6. The Issue of Signing in as Anonymous or changing your Status from Anonymous to Online has been solved. With the previous Version of Software 4.4.10 there was an Option as to Sign-In Online or as Anonymous by Removing or Adding a Checkmark in the box. Since the Software had changed to Version 4.5 the Anonymous Setting was removed from the Log-In Box. This Setting is now in each Members Account Settings. To get there click the username in the Top Right Corner. Select Account Settings. On the Left Side of the page you will see a Menu List. Click Security and Privacy, Enter your Passw
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