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  1. Like other sites we don't employ overacting camgirls. Umm...really? That is hilarious! Leora and the Barcatwats We don't hire pornstars or camgirls. Yeah pornstar wannabes. Umm Leora and Barcatwats. Our residents forget the cameras are even there and start acting naturally. lol sure thing! Yeah! lets see...shall we start with Sasha, Masha and Dasha apartment, Barcatwats staged shows and stuff, and Leora. Shit is so ridicules....
  2. still here only because I can't figure out how to delete my profile. This site is still lame. 

  3. You will be bored soon enough.
  4. Is anyone having issues connecting to chat? It seems it won't connect when I click on chat.
  5. Psshhh....Fake or not the idiots will still watch the idiots.
  6. Alittle

    Site Name Change

    I'm surprised the chat wasn't renamed to Barcelona Chat because that is what is discussed 99.9% of the time. Ah well whatever.
  7. Eventually people with get bored with them too. For what I have been hearing that people are already getting bored of the same repetitive shows. Come on...it's like beating a dead horse to death that is already dead.
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    2. jugghead


      I don't have enough pictures of you to masturbate to. I must be out of the loop.

    3. Doyouthinkshesawus


      Oh yes. The black lingerie one is my favorite :)

    4. Scorpio 22

      Scorpio 22

      The red silk nightie is one I always choke my chicken to lol. 


  9. neither cuz my name is not on any of the lists.
  10. I like to pop in once in a while for a laugh. I need to be amused once in a while.
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